Guardians of the Galaxy #1 explodes with a new trailer and variant cover

Behold this dynamic preview featuring unseen art as the Guardians enter Space Unknown

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Odyssey

Marvel’s scrappy gang of rowdy space heroes is back for even more intergalactic action. This long winter won’t just bring spring flowers, because Marvel will be back when this new comic series premieres on April 12. The comics are ready to land a new “Guardians of the Galaxy” odyssey in our laps. , 2023. Watch the latest comic book trailer above!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

A month before director James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” hits theaters in May, Marvel will be gifting avid fans with this ongoing cosmic adventure series that delves deep into the heart of our favorite interstellar squad.Jackson Written by Lanzing and Colin Kelly (“Star Trek,” “Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty”) and illustrator Kev Walker (“Predator”), with stirring artwork ace colorist Matt Hollingsworth (“Tokyo Ghost,” “Witches”) Resolute), and lead cover artist Marco Chechetto (“Daredevil,” “Star Wars”), “Guardians of the Galaxy” is being branded as essential reading for followers of these beloved giants of science-fiction.

The tone of the book The book of those ‘guardians’

“These characters have been psychedelic superheroes, lovable smugglers and cosmic warfighters living in constant chaos. This a chance to take them to a completely different place,” Lansing told CBR in a recent interview (Opens in new tab) is) told in “So, the Western became a way for us to say that the tone of this book going to be different from the ‘Parents’ books you’re familiar with, and it gives us permission to go a little crazy.”

A Fierce New Cosmic Threat To The Marvel Universe

“Guardians of the Galaxy #1” introduces a formidable new cosmic threat to the Marvel Universe, emerging from the heart of the team: Grootfall.This mysterious event will push Marvel’s beloved space superhero team into manifold territory: An unknown, chaotic region of Marvel space filled with never-before-seen planets and undiscovered alien species.

Your bravery and humanity on the edge of darkness

The Guardians brought to their lowest depths and their found family broken like never before. Desperate to escape their tragedy, the Guardians turn to the Folds as their only chance of salvation. Can they rediscover their heroism and humanity on the dark frontier? Can they forgive the failures of their past? Or will they lost forever in the darkness of the unforgiven?

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