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Government Big Decision For Electoral States

After the security breach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab, new and very special preparations have been made for the security of all VVIPs. In fact, in the states where elections to the Legislative Assembly are to held, senior officers of paramilitary forces will also be deployed.

information from sources

According to the information quoting sources, now additional Advanced Security Liasion (ASL) officers will be sent to those states even before the visit of other VVIPs including the Prime Minister so that adequate security arrangements can be ensured there.

The control room will set up for paramilitary forces

Under this security exercise, paramilitary forces have asked to set up control rooms in the election states. Special teams will deploy in Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Imphal, and Kanpur. So that the security of all VVIPs including the Prime Minister can be further improved. So that under any circumstances a situation like Punjab does not happen and such an incident is not repeate. These teams will also have arrangements for additional forces.

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MHA approved

On the other hand, keeping in mind the Uttar Pradesh Election 2022, the Union Home Ministry has approved the deployment of 225 central paramilitary forces at the beginning itself. After which this force will be deployed in different areas of Uttar Pradesh till the 20th.

Special focus on Punjab

In this connection, it has now decided to deploy 70 companies of CRPF, 65 companies of BSF. At the same time, 90 companies of other forces have deployed separately. The deployment of this force will start from the 10th. At the same time, special teams of NSG, CISF, CRPF will also be deployed in the election states.

There is no hope of the budget being populist

Top economists believe that the Union Budget 2022, to be presented a few days before the assembly elections in five states, including Uttar Pradesh, is unlikely to be populist. HDFC Bank’s Chief Economist Abhik Barua has told ‘Univarta’ that I do not see any hope of this time’s budget being populist. The central government is following very good financial principles and I don’t think it will derail these principles due to elections being held in only a few states.

Union Budget expected to presented on February 1

The Union Budget is expected to present on February 1. The central government has successfully managed to defuse pressure from various sectors, including economists and opposition leaders, to make direct cash transfers to the people. Instead, the government has focused on creating infrastructure to create jobs and boost demand in the economy. Recent data shows that the government’s financial position has also improved significantly as a result of the revenue spurt.

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