Got Emotional Seeing Old Tupac Footage During Snoop Dogg Interview

Snoop Dogg has always been the one to speak his mind. During a recent interview, he reflected on his fallen friend Tupac. When presented with some of the West Coast rapper’s exuberant thoughts about race relations in America.

Sitting down with Ari Melber of MSNBC’s The Beat, Tha Dogfather was featured via tabloid emotions from Pac. in which he speaks before his death. “We were asking the Panthers. We were asking with the Civil Rights Movement. We were asking. Now what those people were asking. They’re all dead or in jail. So what do you think we should do? Are you going to ask?”

Snoop answers in continuation of Tupac’s thoughts

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The things we were talking about. As far as corruption and violence and all that, they were taking it and turning it upside down on us. Like, ‘No, you’re going to have a problem. You’re violent.'”

The Long Beach rapper says it is the United States that has a history of violence against African Americans – not the other way around.

try to speak like rappers

“No. America’s violent. We were peaceful,” he told Melber. “The Black Panthers were put together in bare arms and did all this peaceful stuff. You all came and shot them and knocked them down. And now we have no voice. And now when we try to speak as rappers. You want us to shut up and say that our music is making people kill each other and then we can’t lay bare hands. ,

Snoop concluded: “Everything he was talking about is happening now. But it was 25 years ago. If we don’t stand up and don’t make a difference and don’t give a chance. It won’t change. So that’s what we do.” What we do and we ‘walk as we walk’.

The “Lock Us Up” remark made by Snoop is likely a reference to hip hop songs being used as evidence in criminal trials, which gained steam in May due to Rico’s allegations against Young Thug and Gunna. Is.

How the Black Panthers Organized to Help the Black Community

There was a black panther. That’s why he’s looking straight. That’s how the Black Panthers organized to help the Black community. Went back in helping kids and groomed us according to our values. To begin with Snoop Notes Interview Section. “We made a difference. We were able to do something. We were able to raise our voice. We were able to move mountains. We were able to unite people.

trying to help black people

We were also able to unify the color lines. Tupac loved all people and I loved all people. We didn’t make music just for black people. We were trying to help black people because we saw what was done to us when we tried to help each other.”

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