“God Has Just Hit Factory Reset”: Sam Smith Controversy Viral Video

Sam Smith seems to be a topic of online conversation lately. Following his controversial Grammy performance, a clip of him sharing his interest in fishing has resurfaced online. During his interview, he referred to a “fisher” as a “fisher-theme”, which sparked wild reactions online. Journalist Piers Morgan also chimed in on the conversation about the word.

BBC’s The One Show

During an interview with BBC’s The One Show, Sam Smith was asked about his hobby of fishing. To make sure he didn’t embarrass the reporter for being of the wrong gender, he corrected the presenter who was asking him if he would like to be a fly fisherman.

Netizens called Smith

Despite people all over the world being accepted for being queer and non-binary, it seems many netizens didn’t feel the same way about Smith. The Stay With Me singer proudly embracing her gender identity angered many. Some of those who disagreed with the singer were controversial British journalist Piers Morgan. Sharing on Twitter a video of Sam Smith calling him a “fisherman”, Morgan said in a tweet: “Several other netizens echoed similar sentiments. There have been wild reactions from many when Smith changed the word “fisherman” to something more fitting for him. Read some responses:

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