Glee Accused Of Making Her Life Living Hell After Lea Michele Was Cast In Funny Girl

Ware previously threatened Michelle with, among other things, allegedly defecating in Ware’s wig. Ullas was accused of making his life ‘a living hell’. Two years ago, Ware accused Michelle of making her life “a living hell” on Twitter. When she allegedly threatened S in Ware’s wig, among other things.

Did Ware say in a later Variety interview?

“She said I didn’t deserve that job,” Ware said in a later Variety interview. “He talked about how he ruled. And here’s the thing. I totally got it, and I was ready to be like, ‘This is your show. I’m not here to be disrespectful.’But at that point, we were already out of respect and she was just abusing her power.

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Ware is shocked that that behavior is being rewarded

At the time, Ware was particularly critical of this fact. That no one did anything to prevent or address future Fannie Bryce’s behavior. And two years later, Ware is shocked that that behavior is being rewarded. However, Michelle issued an apology of sorts on Instagram with a promise to “get better in the future.” Ware finds her mea culprit as just further evidence that the Emmy-nominee has “learned nothing.

Ware told Variety

“Am I calling Lee a racist? No,” Ware told Variety. Is.” Ware wasn’t the only one in Michelle’s costume to speak out against the actress’s treatment of others. Heather Morris, who played queer cheerleader Brittany S. Played the role of Pierce. called predecessor Rachel Berry very “unpleasant to work with”.

Morris tweeted

For Lee to treat others with disrespect until he did. I believe she should be called out,” tweeted Morris. Olivier Award-winner Amber Riley declined to weigh in directly on the Ware-Michel drama. Although she did note that she received calls from black actors and actresses. Countless messages were received sharing stories about “being on set and being terrorized, by the leading white girls on their show”.

Ware nor Riley considered Michelle a racist

Neither Ware nor Riley considered Mitchell a racist, although they both raised issues about the abuse of power and privilege and viewing Hollywood culture differently. Ware went a step further and called on Broadway — which at least seems to be more committed to diversity. When it comes to rounding out the awards — to do so. Meanwhile, Lea Michele won’t be eligible for a Tony when she premieres in Funny Girl.

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