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Girlfriend Came Up with Such A Trick To Take Revenge On Ex Boyfriend

Nikola to fulfill his purpose. Made a video of him as well. In this video, he can be seen taking a car around his hometown. Suddenly she takes out a bunch of keys and throws them outside her window. After this, the proper scene is created.

Girlfriend came up with such a trick to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend

The creativity is shown by a woman to avenge her ex-boyfriend’s ‘infidelity is now being discussed all over the world. He is also being praised for this work. The case is of New Zealand where Nicola Abbott, who lives in Wanaka City, told such a story on the Internet which became viral among netizens.

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video went viral

Nikola to fulfill his purpose. Made a video of him as well. In this video, he can be seen circling his hometown in a car. Somewhere in the middle, Nicola is seen taking out a bunch of keys from the dashboard of her car and throwing them outside her window. In this video shared on the platform of TikTok, she is seen kissing that key. In which it is written that ‘Key to the new house for my ex’.

According to the published report, Nicole had also got her mobile number written on this tag. However, later he told that some other keys were also thrown along with the key with this tag. One of which was also tagged. However, it was not clear when he did so. Who threw these keys and for whom?

sorry about it

Although this video of Nicole was only to teach a lesson to her ex-boyfriend. Nikola later told the whole incident that it was a prank. All the keys were to the old clothes cupboards and doors. Which he dropped so that he could take his place in the mind of the people. Although she wanted If her ex-boyfriend had picked up that key, he would have been more relaxed with fun.

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