Gigi Hadid Wore A Sheer Now-Baring Black Cardigan And Jeans At The Height Of Summer

If you’re one of those people who pack their all-black knitwear and jeans for the summer months, Gigi Hadid proves you don’t have to.

Model photographed walking around NoHo in New York City

On August 5, the model was photographed walking around NoHo in New York City wearing a sheer black cardigan with a pair of baggy, straight-leg gray jeans. She paired the casual look with a gray Converse, statement choker necklace and oval-shaped black sunglasses.

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Modeling for big fashion designers

Yes, Hadid’s skater-girl era continues. Just two days ago, Hadid turned heads in New York City by pairing a colorful knit crop top with a soft bucket hat, loosely torn Danielle Guisio jeans, and the conversation above.Gigi Hadid, who has rocked the biggest fashion trends since she was two Have modeled for designers, perhaps using paparazzi photos to act as walking billboards for her upcoming knitwear line, Guest in Residence.

Instagram dump your latest business ventures

On August 4, Hadid shared a glimpse of her latest business venture in an Instagram dump. “Was working on something….with love, @gustinresidence :),” she captioned the series of photos, which feature Hadid color swatches and stacks of casual-looking knitwear.Of course, there are a lot of black swatches on the board.

Hailey Bieber commented

Many of Hadid’s 75.1 million followers, including her famous friends, are excited to get their hands on some Gigi Hadid originals.”Very excited about this ,” commented Hailey Bieber, while Laura Brown dubbed Hadid “the mayor of Snuggletown.”

Option to subscribe to newsletter

As of August 4, the Guest In Residence Instagram account hasn’t posted yet and the bio simply reads “KNITTERS” with a link to a website, which doesn’t give fans much to look forward to. As of now, there is only one logo and the option to subscribe to the newsletter. watch this space.

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