Gigi Hadid Transparent Dress Summer-Y See-Through Dress

Another day, another see-through dress – or at least it seems that way for now. From the red carpet to Instagram, the sheer trend just keeps on coming. And the latest celebrity fan is none other than Gigi Hadid. While Gigi isn’t walking as many runway shows as this fashion month, she’s still dominating the newsstands.

Gigi’s Fashion Brand in Question

The look in question is a full-length net number from Gigi’s own fashion brand, Guest in Residence. which specializes in making ‘Kashmiri classics’, which I, for one, am obsessed with are high-key. In one of the photos, Gigi is standing on top of a bed, her outline against a window. With this unique lighting setup, it won’t take you long to notice that the dress is very transparent.

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The star has also landed another Magazine Cover with ELLE Magazine

Scroll down to the second picture in this post to see the look we’re talking about. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Gigi’s nude dress was one of the most daring looks for the shoot. But can we also talk about how amazing/adorable this Easter-themed bunny costume is? In addition to debuting the latest issue of Vogue Netherlands, the star has also landed another magazine cover with ELLE Magazine. As part of the new shoot, the model and mother posed in some incredible outfits, including a completely transparent dress.

Gigi Wore her hair Down in Tousled Waves

The woven look is finished off with a tasseled hem and tassel necklace to be worn on top. Meanwhile, Gigi wore her hair down in tousled waves. Which made the whole thing a ‘relaxed Sunday in the middle of summer’ stretch. If I wore it, I’d look like one of those sausage dogs with their head stuck in a jumper sleeve. But, Gigi being Gigi, she manages to make this forgettable coordination look like a million bucks. And that, my friends, is just one of the many reasons she’s a top model to watch.

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