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Gaby Lewis Luggage Left in flight Woman Cricketer Pleaded With ICC Crying

Many times it happens when we miss our luggage while traveling. Be it bus, train, flight, or whatever, it happens again and again. But when you are on an international journey and your essential items have been left in the luggage, then it becomes very difficult. Something similar happened with Ireland’s female cricketer Gabby Lewis.

Gabby Told about College Notes in the Luggage

Gabby Lewis has given information by tweeting. That he has lost his luggage in Oman, it has been stuck there for 13 days. This tweet of Gabby has become quite viral. The special thing is that Gabby told me that my college notes have also ended in that luggage.

New Variant Omicron Women’s World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Postponed

The qualifiers of the Women’s World Cup 2022 have been postponed due to the new variant of Coronavirus, Omicron. Due to which the team of Ireland returned home, but the goods of the cricketers have not yet reached Ireland. After a long wait, Ireland cricketer Gabby Lewis has asked the ICC for an update about the goods. Gaby tweeted that his family is still in Oman.

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Considered on The Basis of Qualification Team Ranking

The World Cup qualification to be played in New Zealand will be based on the ranking of the team. 3 places are still vacant and if considered on the basis of ranking, the team of West Indies, Pakistan, and Bangladesh will qualify. The teams that qualify for the World Cup to be held in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3 are Australia, England, India, South Africa, New Zealand (hosts), Pakistan, West Indies, and Bangladesh.

One User Wrote That Why do you Need Notes,

Many funny answers are also being received on this tweet of Gabby. While people are also trolling the ICC and asking them to bring back the goods. One user wrote why do you need notes. Now there will be online exams, in such a situation, you will see the answer on the Internet itself.

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