Funny Video Of Rakhi Sawant Describes Herself As Princess Of Uganda

A video of Rakhi Sawant is going viral, in this video, Rakhi is seen very well-dressed. In this video, she is seen doing strange things.

Rakhi Sawant is in Discussion due to Domestic Relations

Rakhi Sawant does something like this that she always comes in the news. For the past several days, she had come into the limelight due to her domestic relations. Rakhi Sawant had introduced the whole country to her husband in ‘Bigg Boss 15’, but this relationship did not last long, and even before Valentine’s Day, Rakhi told about her separation from husband Ritesh. Now another Rakhi video is going viral, in which she is describing herself as the Princess of Uganda.

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Seen in Private Chopper

TV’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is no less than anyone. Rakhi Sawant never lets go of any chance to get into the limelight. Meanwhile, a video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, Rakhi Sawant is seen getting down from her private chopper. Rakhi Sawant has claimed in the video that she has bought this chopper. Rakhi Sawant’s style has changed as soon as the chopper is in hand.

Told herself the Princess of Uganda

In this video you can see that Rakhi Sawant entered like a queen. Rakhi Sawant looks like a princess in the video. During her chauffeur ride, Rakhi Sawant was seen saying that she is the princess of Uganda. Seeing this video of Rakhi Sawant, the fans have also lost their laughter. People have started making fun of Rakhi Sawant.

Gave a Message For PM Modi

Recently Rakhi Sawant gave a message for Prime Minister Modi. In this video, she is seen thanking the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Actually, at this time the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on. These two countries are attacking each other. It is a matter of concern that some Indian children and families are trapped in Ukraine. To get them out, the PM took a big decision. On which Rakhi Sawant thanked PM Modi and also cheered for India.

Rakhi Sawant rides a Private jet

In the video, Rakhi is heard saying that she had a lot of fun riding the chopper. At the same time, the drama queen describes herself as the queen of ‘Uganda’ and also says that this jet is her own. What was it then, after seeing this video of item girl, social media users have become active again. Along with this, people are being seen giving quick reactions. Commenting on Rakhi’s clip, a user wrote, ‘You are the princess of Lokhandwala.’ Another wrote, ‘Who is paying the rent of his helicopter, brother.’ Another writes, ‘At the beginning of the video, I knew that this would happen.’ At the same time, fans of the actress have been seen dropping heart and laughing emoji, calling her funny.

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