Friday The 13th Here What Victor Miller Is In The Legal Battle Between Franchise Director Sean Cunningham

With another Friday upon us, it’s only natural, that we’re once again talking about the Friday the 13th franchise. As most horror fans know by now. The film franchise has been in a legal battle for several years now between screenwriter Victor Miller and Friday the 13th director Sean Cunningham. whose rights are currently divided between them.

Here’s a Little Backstory recap, because it’s a Little Confusing

Ever since a judge ruled in 2018 that Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller is the sole owner of the original screenplay. In the US, at least, Friday director Sean Cunningham is working to reverse the decision. The argument is that Miller wrote the screenplay as a “work-for-hire”. So shouldn’t have been able to acquire the rights to the script in the first place. Whereas the trial judge ruled that the rights go to Miller after all these years under the Right to Expires Copyright Act. Allows authors to obtain rights to a company signed work. Cunningham and Horror Inc. were hoping that the end of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals would reverse that decision.

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Miller wins Copyright Termination Appeal

The Second Circuit was tasked with deciding whether Miller would keep the rights to Friday’s script. As decided in 2018, or if they will return to Cunningham Horror Inc. As we learned last year, Miller won a copyright termination appeal. In other words, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the District Court’s previous order. rejected the argument and concluded that “Miller was an independent contractor when he wrote the screenplay and is therefore entitled to the author rights.” Therefore, summary judgment was given to Miller.

Miller is now free to franchise

It was a big next step in the process, but it certainly doesn’t mean it. Miller is now free to take on the franchise and do whatever he wants with it. For now, until the various deals are worked out behind the scenes. Which will still take a long time – for starters, owning the original screenplay doesn’t mean you own an adult Jason Voorhees character. The franchise will remain dormant as we know it, and Miller’s proprietary deed consists only of domestic rights. But what – if anything – can Miller and his team do with what they currently have?

Miller only has young Jason Voorhees

In other words, Miller only has young Jason Voorhees. So he could theoretically work with the filmmakers on a project dating back to Jason’s early years before Mask. Presumably, he could also have used the character of assassin Mrs. Pamela Voorhees in the original film. But the other big problem here is that Miller only has the rights to the script in the United States. Which means he can’t make a film with worldwide distribution.” Miller has to convince a studio to make this thing that only the U.S. “We can have this theoretical argument. which does not infringe on anyone else’s rights. But is anyone seriously going to do this without worldwide rights?

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