Four-year-old London Girl Becomes First Model For British Brand Burberry To Wear A Patka

The brand released official photos for their children’s autumn-winter ’22 collection, for which they chose Sahib Singh, before wearing the ‘turban’ to wear the ‘patka’ traditionally worn by Sikh boys. Became the first model.

Four-year-old girl British brand Burberry first model

In the past, many global brands criticized for tokenism, which is basically a pseudo-representation of a culture or community of underrepresented people. Then, there are those who have courted controversy with cultural appropriation as well. But, the internet is loving British luxury fashion house Burberry’s efforts to bring real representation and celebrate diversity in its latest campaign, most recently Unveiled on social media.

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British heritage brand Sahib Singh

On Instagram, it released official photos for its children’s autumn-winter ’22 collection, for which the British heritage brand chose a little boy named Sahib Singh, making it the ‘patka’ traditionally worn by Sikhs. Became the first model to wear one. Boys start wearing ‘turbans’ or turbans as they grow up.

For “Back-to-School Design”, Singh a Thomas Burberry Bear

For a “back-to-school design” from the new “#BurberryChildren” collection, Singh is wearing a printed cardigan and shorts in a Thomas Burberry Bear puffer jacket. He is also wearing a black patka. Pictures and videos from the shoot also shared on Singh’s Instagram account, where his bio states that he is “just a patka wala boy”.

South Asian New York Fashion Week wrote in a post congratulating her

The London-based boy, who is signed to an agency named South Coast Kids even seen enjoying his time in behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot.South Asian New York Fashion Week congratulated her in a post, writing, “Imagine getting killed so hard so early in life – congratulations, @i_am_sahib_singh!

In media and photography, the fashion scene

“Growing up, we didn’t always see people who looked like us, let alone in the fashion scene, especially in mainstream media and photography. Little Sahib is making some big strides with @burberry right now, and we definitely Are here to support from. What a moment,” the caption read.

The first flag for a British brand

Her family also wrote on Instagram that the little girl “had a lot of fun with this shoot”. “Being a part of the Burberry Bear AW22 campaign is incredible and being the first patka-wearing model for the biggest British brand is an amazing achievement for our four-year-old and the Sikh community.” The journey was not easy, and they went through “many different emotions”. “We are somewhat disappointed when Sahab not selected for the job.We didn’t tell him about any shooting till he is fully confirmed as he doesn’t need to feel the emotions,” he wrote next to a video of the boy playing with a stuffed bear .

“The tension when the council denied its license to ‘perform’

Never underestimate a parent who wants the world for their child! The joy and pride I felt during the shoot tremendous. I could not hold back my tears seeing Sahib being recognized by this reputed brand. Grateful to him for pushing boundaries and always doing great work,” his parents wrote.

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