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Former Indian All Rounder Yuvraj Singh Had Threatened Rohit Sharma

Indian captain Rohit Sharma tied the knot with Ritika Sajdeh on 13 December 2015. But before that, he also had to face threats from former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. Rohit himself had disclosed this in a show.

Yuvraj Singh threatened Rohit Sharma

Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has threatened Indian captain Rohit Sharma and also the threat that every brother gives for his sister. Actually once Rohit had looked towards Yuvraj Singh’s sister, what was it then. Yuvi said that don’t even look at her, she is my sister.

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Rohit Sharma still remembers that threat

But Yuvraj’s sister was the fate of Rohit Sharma. Today Rohit and Ritika Sajdeh have been married for 6 years. But whenever the name of this couple comes, then this threat of Yuvraj Singh is definitely remembered.

Rohit and Ritika’s first meeting

Actually, Ritika is considered as Yuvraj’s sister and she also ties Rakhi to him. When Rohit and Ritika met for the first time, a shoot of Yuvraj and Irfan Pathan was going on.

Rohit revealed

Being a senior, Rohit reached to meet Yuvraj. Although he also had to be shot. As soon as Rohit looked towards Ritika, Yuvraj told him – don’t even look at her, she is my sister. In Gaurav Kapoor’s show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, Rohit had revealed this story. Which is about 3 years old. He told that after this he told Yuvraj, what brother, I have come to meet you.

The friendship of both Rohit Ritika happened after going to a shoot.

However, later Rohit kept watching Ritika. After the shoot, Ritika went to Rohit and said – If there is any problem, you can tell me. Later both of them became friends and then on 13 December 2015, they held each other’s hand.

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