Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Did A Beautiful Photoshoot without pants

Australia’s first female foreign minister has never failed to push boundaries and her latest photoshoot is no different.

Former Secretary of State Julie Bishop

Former Secretary of State Julie Bishop stunned fans when she appeared in a magazine without pants. The 66-year-old posed as the cover star of the weekend for Stellar magazine, where she wore a stunning single-buckled blue blazer teamed with black stockings. And there was nothing but matching stilettos. As Australia’s first female foreign minister, Ms. Bishop is known as a dynamic fashion icon, and the daring photoshoot cement that status.

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David Jones and announced before International Women’s Day

Ms Bishop has recently announced an official “friend” of David Jones ahead of International Women’s Day and in her first appearance as an ambassador for the luxury retail store she was here to talk about her life after politics. magazine. “I see myself as a woman who pursues her own path in her career, her own path in life. I set my own standards, I live by my own standards and I don’t let others define who I am or what I do.

Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s pose

Ms. Bishop said the pose inspired by the pose of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on the cover of the book Sex in the City. During her 21-year political career, Ms. Bishop has held several high positions as a government minister and also in the Liberal Party. She has held a number of positions, including as the party’s first female deputy leader. Her role alongside David Jones will involve supporting retail stores and she said this will help her represent more women of her demographic in fashion.

“Design & Model & Stylist

“Designs and models and stylists (usually) focus on one demographic; I think David Jones appreciates that too,” she said. “(I) am a working woman with multiple careers and still wants to fit and healthy and wear nice clothes. Style doesn’t age. Women supposed to have a shelf life, and women in media know it best. I think we’ve broken that paradigm.”

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