Former Bachelor Star Matt James Shares A Video Nation Believes Matt Not-So-Subly Reveal Rachel Is Pregnapnt

Calling Bachelor Nation, we might be having a baby. On Friday, July 29, former Bachelor star Matt James shared a video. The final moments of his IG clip seemed to be a pretty unmistakable sign, which didn’t seem like anything major until the audience’s end. That James and his girlfriend Rachel Kirkconnell are preparing to welcome a baby boy.

Matt Jaemes’ Instagram sparked so many rumorsu

Whether it’s just being cheeky or actually dropping a hint for Bachelor Nation. Matt James’s Instagram sparked so many rumors that Rachel Kirkconnell might be pregnant. Pause to lift your jaw off the floor, because it doesn’t seem like that could get any more pronounced. That a baby is in the plans for myself and Kirkconnell. “I trust my Nissan Altima to get where I need to be. So that when that day comes – that’s right, it’s coming – we’ll have enough room for an entire basketball team.

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The video in question was a collaboration with Nissan

The video in question was a collaboration with Nissan, in which James jumped in a silver Ultima. and ran around town to do errands like picking up groceries and grabbing coffee from the drive-thru. But the real star of the ad was revealed in the last few seconds: a baby car seat. As James took a seat in the car, he wore and shared a big smile.

James was originally announcing Kirkconnell’s pregnancy

The car seat moment may just be a sign, though, that James and Kirkconnell want to have kids down the line. And not immediately, the IG post was quickly flooded with comments from Bachelor stans who speculated. That James was basically announcing Kirkconnell’s pregnancy. Neither James nor Kirkconnell have addressed the rumor yet, so fans will just have to sit back to see what happens.

Fans guess the car seat is just a red herring

The Nissan ad definitely points to the possibility of kids on the way. But some fans speculate that the car seat is just a red herring. Other fans speculate that this may be true based on Kirkconnell’s remarks in an interview with Us Weekly on July 15. “The only timeline I give him was, I was like, ‘I’ll have kids first, you know, I can’t have kids.’ So keep that in mind.

Lovebirds don’t make official announcement

The couple had a rough start in their relationship, but they are happily together for a year now. And perhaps starting a family together is their next step. Until the lovebirds make an official announcement, the pregnancy rumor is just that: a rumour. But hopefully the sign means that an unmarried baby may soon be on the way.

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