For Jenny Han The Secret to a Good Story Involves Asking one Simple Question

The closest is to see The Summer I Turned Pretty. Who can go on a real vacation without ever leaving the couch? Based on the Jenny Han novel of the same name, the upcoming Amazon Prime series follows Bailey (Lola Tung). Because she goes on an annual visit to the house among her family friends. But this year feels different – and special. Mostly because of a love triangle with brothers Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah Gavin Casalegno

Han told Glamour

“I’m hoping that viewers who are adults can watch the show and really reminisce and reminisce about those times when they were first feeling love, messy, and things like that,” Han said. Told Glamour. “And I hope younger audiences will see, feel, or look forward to similar moments for themselves in the future.”

Taylor Swift-led soundtrack

With its gorgeous setting, a Taylor Swift-led soundtrack, and the kind of reckless power that comes from knowing you three months ahead with no responsibility. The Summer I Turned Pretty offers a true getaway for audiences of all ages. For Han, maybe not so much.

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To All the Boys is the first Netflix series of films

Although his To All Boys was previously made into a series of Netflix films. It was the New York Times bestselling author’s first attempt to adapt her own work for the screen. And she leaned into the experience while serving as co-creator, executive producer, co-showrunner, and writer of the series. As if that weren’t enough of a challenge. She was simultaneously working on developing XO, Kitty, a To the Boys spin-off series, which began production in Seoul. Han is working in three time zones to do all this. for free time? Han doesn’t know him.

The latest installment of Glamour’s Doing the Work

But as it is, Han is clearly active and excited about the work. So we checked in on her morning routine, her writing process, and more for the latest installment of Glamour’s Doing the Work.

That nexus to come up with people’s questions

Jenny Han: As a showrunner, it’s lighting up fires all day long, solving problems, and that nexus in coming up with people’s questions. I think you have to hold onto the whole season — the story in the palm of your hand, in a way — to keep that perspective on the whole thing. I had a moment of realizing that I wanted to do what only I could do and then delegate the things I couldn’t to other people on the team. If you try to do everything yourself, at some point you’re overloaded and that’s too much.

How is your morning routine?

I don’t have a morning routine because my schedule is so varied. It depends where I am on the set. In the writer’s room or writing a book. It’s always different. My routine, for now, is that I usually wake up around nine and unfortunately I check emails straight away because XO, Kitty is on Korean time. I know when I wake up So do a bunch of emails that arrive overnight. I get caught before I go to The Summer I Turned Pretty Writer’s room, which starts at noon because most people live in Los Angeles so it’s 9:00 a.m.

How do you make time for a break for yourself?

Oh, for the past few years I really haven’t been able to make the time. I hope. I have been in total work mode. One of the very few positive aspects of COVID is that it has easily allowed me to work 24/7 and grind all the time [since I can work from home], but I am looking forward to a break.

I Stranger Things or Love Is Blind

If I have enough energy left, I like to cook my own. If I don’t, I’ll order takeout. And then I watch Stranger Things or Love Is Blind or Summer House, something like that. Something that is not going to be too emotionally burdensome for my brain after a long day. I shouldn’t, but then I often look at my phone for two hours. They say it’s not good for you because you turn off all the devices and don’t look at the screen before bed, but I sleep late too.

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