Floyd Mayweather New Girlfriend is A TikTok Star

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest players in the world. Floyd Mayweather is constantly in the headlines and now his personal life is in the news.Floyd Mayweather’s new girlfriend is a TikTok star who has millions of followers.Floyd Mayweather is currently dating Gallienne Nabila.

600 Million Were at Stake

This high profile fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was the most expensive fight ever in boxing history. 600 million dollars were at stake for this fight, that is, about Rs 4000 crores. Out of this, Mayweather got 275 million i.e. 1845.2 crore rupees after winning the fight. This high profile fight in Las Vegas was screened live in 220 countries. Recently, Floyd Mayweather and Gallienne Nabila were seen together during a game, where both were sitting close to each other. However, it has also been claimed in many reports that both are not dating each other. But after the picture came together, the market of discussions has heated up again.

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Record Total Earnings of Rs 67.1 Billion

Mayweather’s net worth has skyrocketed from his fight with an MMA boxer. Now the total earning of his career has exceeded one billion dollars, i.e. 67.1 billion rupees. He is the third player whose total career earnings have reached 10 figures. Apart from Mayweather, only basketball legend Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods have been able to do this. Floyd Mayweather has just moved away from professional boxing, but still remains in the headlines. Before Gallienne Nabila, Floyd Mayweather was in a relationship with Anna Monroe, a stripper at a boxing club. Both were engaged, but later both separated.

Often Share The Picture of Gold on Money

Mayweather is very active on social media. He keeps sharing pictures of sleeping on money on Instagram. It is said about this boxer who is fond of luxury cars that he loves to show off money. Once he had put 4 models to count the money. His friends list includes names like pop star Justin Beaver.

According To Reports, Floyd Mayweather Wanted

According to reports, Floyd Mayweather wanted Anna Monroe to leave his big house and move in with him. But this did not happen and later both of them separated before marriage. Anna Monroe is the head stripper of the Las-Vegas club, with millions of followers on Instagram. The Florida State Boxing Commission has not officially sanctioned the fight due to the vast difference in level and experience of the two players. This means that Mayweather’s record of not losing a fight will stand.

YouTuber Logan Paul Achieves Victory Against Mayweather

Logan Paul took the risk of fighting a fight against a boxer like Mayweather and risking his life for the needy people. Actually, it was a charity match. Earnings from this match will be used to do good to the needy people. YouTuber Logan Paul did not get a chance to achieve the feat of victory against Mayweather because it was a charity match. On Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the two fought for eight rounds (three minutes each). Mayweather and Paul were wearing 10 ounce gloves. However, there was no judge for the match. This was the reason that no one was officially declared the winner. However, this fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather was legal.

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