Flamingo Balance Test Shows You Will Die In The Next 7 Years If You Fail

Research shows an 84 percent more chance of death in the next seven years if the test fails

The Flamingo Balance Test shows that if you stand on one leg for 10 seconds

Doctor Hilary Jones joins the Good Morning Britain team to discuss the latest health headlines, especially the claims of a new flamingo test. Researchers are claiming that the flamingo test incorporated into mid-life health screening as a simple way to assess longevity. It suggested that people over the age of 50 who are unable to stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds are closer to death than those who pass the test.

Global including experts from Bristol Medical School

The global study team, including experts from Bristol Medical School, tracked 1,702 participants aged 51 to 75 from Brazil between 2009 and 2020. Participants were asked to perform the test by flexing one leg behind them, straightening their arms, and staring down. fixed straight ahead. It was not long ago that GMB presenter Richard Madley took the life on-air test for himself.

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Dr. Hillary said

Researchers have found that if you can pass this test, your risk of death in the next seven years is very low. If you can’t pass this test, it’s 84% ​​more likely to die in the next seven years.

According to the report in ‘The Mirror’

Richard, 66, passed the test with a full complexion but later struggled to stand when he was challenged to take the test with his eyes closed. Moments later, Ranveer took up the topic of Covid and the rising number of viruses as Dr Hilary noted that people are “living like there is no tomorrow”.

oh f*ck off Hillary, ms me

Some GMB viewers were not at all happy with Dr Hillary’s presence and took to Twitter to comment. One person said angrily: “Oh the f*ck off Hillary, I’ve got MS and can’t possibly do the flamingo test!! Stop scaring people GPs will now drown in people thinking they’re going to die!!# GMB.”

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