Fitzzy Wippa And Sara Recall Awkward Denzel Washington Leonardo DiCaprio Moments

Nova’s Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, Michael “Wippa” Wipfly and Sarah McGilvray aren’t immune to brutal celebrity snubs. The radio host shared her awkward encounters with Hollywood stalwarts this morning, recalling the shame of being rejected for photos in public.

Denzel Washington star of Remember the Titans

For Wippa, it was remembering seeing The Titans star Denzel Washington at a restaurant overseas. Which insulted him. “We were once at a restaurant abroad and Denzel Washington turned to the restaurant,” he recalled.

Making Your Way to Denzel Washington

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“I started making my way to Denzel Washington to take a photo [and] the guy who ran the restaurant was like the middle man. So he jumped in between us and I’m going ‘Denzel! photo?’

I was just to wander back to my seat

“So he jumps in. Looks at Denzel and Denzel shakes his head. As if to say no, the man again looks at me and says no. He said, “It was too cold. I was just in front of everyone to wander back to my seat. ,

Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio inducted

Their story inspired Sarah and FitzGirl to chime in with a similar failure involving Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio. whom they were visiting the city one night at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA.

“You had a few drinks, everyone, and I dare you to go upstairs and (ask for a picture),” FitzY began. “Her hat was down. She had a cigarette in her mouth… the hand went up, ‘I don’t do pictures’, and Sarah just turned around and came back,” he recalled. Sarah joked that people “should be friendly at 3 o’clock”.

Radio stars always strike with celebrities

“And then I tried to sneak (photo) to the side anyway and security got my call,” Sarah said. However, being a close friendship with British superstar Ed Sheeran, radio stars don’t always strike up with celebrities.

Gave to Elton John for his 74th birthday

The Shape of You hit maker also sent out personalized gifts to Fitzy and Vippa earlier this year; The huge matching marble lingams are painted green and gold. Sheeran, 31, made good on a promise from a recent interview in which he talked about a similar phallic statue he gave to Elton John for his 74th birthday. One was offered to send to the Nova hosts as well.

It turns out that he was not bluffing. Both were delivered with their own Australian-themed versions. “It’s a giant d**k in a box!” Wippa rejoiced when her co-host removed the stone appendage from its packaging in the air in June. while teasing, “It looks like you!” As Fitzy struggled with his size.

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