Fit Check I’m Plus-Size And Shopped At Lululemon – It Was The Worst Fitting Room Experience I’ve Ever Had

A fashion blogger visited activewear store Lululemon for the first time, but she was disappointed with the in-store inventory and went home empty-handed.

On a recent outing, Dayton visited a Lululemon store for the first time.

Carrie Dayton is a fashion influencer with 424k YouTube subscribers, and as a size 16, some of Dayton’s most popular videos are her uncensored clips from dressing rooms at popular brands.” I knew to go into it, that it was an experiment. There was going to be a bit,” Dayton said.

Dayton said

After leaving the store, she resolved to shop online only from Lululemon in the future. “That was, hands down, the worst fitting room experience I’ve ever had,” Dayton said. The friendliness of K’s colleagues and the condition of the shop were all excellent – ​​but Dayton had trouble finding anything in its size.

“Any size larger than 10 was nearly impossible to find in the store,” Dayton said.

For her first outfit, she paired a pair of green leggings in a size 14 with a tank top in a similar color. She wasn’t able to piece the matching set together because the coordinating fabric didn’t have a green bra that fits him.

The material was really nice,” Dayton admitted,

But the lack of color options was disappointing. “It was an option, but it wasn’t the option I wanted.” Next, she tried on a matching set, which featured bike shorts and a bra in a festive floral print. She wore bike shorts to a size 12 Found in the U.S., but the bra was only available in stores in 10 days, which didn’t fit Dayton properly. Dayton said she loved the cute and stretchy shorts, but admitted the bra was an “absolute disaster.” Turns out it wasn’t just a bra, but a restrictive size limit.

She also went online to try and order the set in the proper size

The largest bra size for a floral bra was 14, which wouldn’t be big enough for a Dayton. She found the sizing decision to be curious, especially considering the selection of leggings available in-store. “It’s interesting because on the back wall of the store, the leggings used to go up to a size 20,” Dayton said. Given that most of the larger sizes were only available in the basic solid colors.

Even online, however, the bra selection was limited. Dayton said

The only bra in-store, which was a 38D, fit Dayton comfortably, but it was still a little too comfortable, and Dayton decided not to buy it or the matching purple leggings. She took on similar leggings in pink. Tried this and liked the adjustable strap on the waistband. In fact, at her usual size 16, the Lululemon leggings were actually a bit big.

“I see the hype, I understand, I understand completely

Dayton showed off the super-comfortable material, said Dayton. Dayton tried on those leggings and two more activewear bottoms, including her usual bra tops, because she couldn’t find another bra that would fit in the store. Other items she found were pretty and high Quality, though most were not of her size.

“The store had several other options for sizes zero to six, eight and 10.

Dayton tried on one item – the final piece, in fact – that was a total home run. The fashion blogger could not pay attention to the comfy, well-made Wonder Train shorts. “These were like butter,” Dayton said. She especially loved that the material was thick enough for vigorous workouts, but soft enough to use as loungewear. “I was happy to end it on a good note.

Sun reached out to Lululemon for comment on size and in-store availability.

In short, Dayton said, she was impressed by the stylish patterns and sturdy construction of Lululemon’s clothing, but was disappointed by the size selection in stores. Even the Wonder Train shorts, which she loved, Dayton But she said she would have bought them had a matching bra available in her size. Dayton said, “I saw so many cute things in the store that I wanted to, but none of them were my size was not.”

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