First look At Malpractice A Thrilling Medical Thriller With Niamh Elgar

ITV has released the first image of Niamh Elgar in the medical thriller Malpractice, where she plays a doctor suspected of wrongdoing following the death of a patient.

Idris Elba sitcom in television work

The series comes from the mind of former NHS doctor Grace Ofori-Attah, whose earlier television work includes the Idris Elba sitcom In The Long Run, while directing duties are handled by BAFTA nominee Philip Barrantini (The Responder). Five The drama in part follows Dr. Lucinda Edwards (Elgar, above) as she investigates the aftermath of the death of an opioid overdose victim named Edith Owusu (Sherrill Armstrong).

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In the wake of tragedy, Lucinda

In the wake of the tragedy, Lucinda asked by her medical supervisor, Dr. Leo Harris (James Purefoy), but Sir Anthony Owusu (Brian Bovell), the father of the deceased patient, calls for a formal inquiry. artist) and Dr. George Adjei (Jordan Koume), who divided over whether the incident inevitable or due to negligence.

as Lucinda’s husband Tom

Lorne McFadden (Vigil) also stars as Lucinda’s husband Tom, who puts severe strain on the couple’s marriage as proceedings progress. The synopsis teases that Lucinda’s “confident professional exterior begins to crumble”. goes” under investigation, with the story uncovering “a damaged doctor caught up in a dangerous conspiracy”. Hannah Walters (Boiling Point), Priyanka Patel (Brittany), Scott Chambers (Innocent), Tristan Sturrock (Doc Martin), and Georgina Rich (War of the Worlds) complete the ensemble cast.

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