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First Girlfriend Murdered for Money

A man killed his girlfriend for money. Then a false story was fabricated to escape. However, as soon as the truth came out, the police arrested him.

Killed First Girlfriend for Money

A British girl had to pay the price with her life for loving a man in debt. A bouncer lover by profession first murdered his girlfriend, then fabricated a story to prove her an accident. However, he could not last long on the strength of a false story. The police arrested him and at present the case against him is going on in the court.

Room 501. Dead Body

Millionaire horse trainer Anna Reid’s 22-year-old daughter Mark Schatzl has been arrested by her boyfriend. Anna’s body was found in room number 501 of a luxury hotel in Switzerland. Mark told the police that Anna’s death was caused by a sex game and that it was an accident.

Accused Used to ask for Money From Girlfriend

When the police investigated the matter deeply, it was found that Mark Shetzal is addicted to drugs and has a lot of debt on him. The police also came to know that Mark used to take money from Anna. Both had traveled to the places before the incident and it was paid for by Anna. The police have recovered Anna’s credit card from the lift of the hotel. which was hidden behind the panel.

met 2 months before death

Anna Reid met Shetzel in Thailand in February 2019, about two months before her death. After that the two came closer. Sometime back both had traveled to Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai. Anna took most of the expenses of which. Several guests staying at the hotel told police that they heard screams from room 501 on the day of the incident. On the basis of which the police arrested Mark Schatzl.

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