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Ferris Bueller Star Eddie McClurg Reportedly Claims To Be A Friend

‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ actress suffers from dementia and is under guardianship

Actress harassed by a California man

Patron of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” star Eddie McClurg filed a protective order alleging that the actress victimized by a California man, and a judge signed the order. On Tuesday, Superior of California In documents filed with the court – in the form of a request for a temporary restraining order – McClurg’s custodian argued that the alleged abuser, Michael L. Ramos claims to be her “longtime” friend and has reportedly been living with the 77-year-old actress at their Los Angeles home since 2017.

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According to TMZ

A judge granted a restraining order on Wednesday. According to the order, Ramos must remain at least 100 yards away from McClurg and his house, and he cannot approach her. He too has to go out and he can’t come back. A court date set for the end of August. According to the documents, Angelique Cabral, the mentor of McClarge and her cousin, claimed that Ramos was able to “finalize” her way in life and that she had lost her life with dementia. In the midst of the fight, he tried to marry her.

Cabral said

Conservatti from the state of CA when he knew he lacked competence,” according to People, the court “prevented him from doing so.” The documents claimed the caregiver was “concerned” that Ramos “has or may have attacked the mentor and she doesn’t even know it’s happening to her,” said the report filed with the Los Angeles Police Department.

McClurg and Ramos have “never been involved in a romantic relationship.”

Court documents revealed that in 2017 the actress’s doctors found that she was “no longer able to handle her affairs given her severe cognitive disability, not being able to live alone without supervision and support, and in particular her Judging by poor judgment is vulnerable to undue influence and apparent dementia (likely due to Alzheimer’s disease),” according to the outlet.

In the neuropsychological assessment report,

In a 2019 neuropsychological assessment report obtained by The Post, McClurg allegedly taken advantage of in earlier instances. A married contractor who worked at the actress’s house later allegedly “became living” in her house and claimed to be “her boyfriend”.

Cabral then stepped in and guarded the “Plane, Train and Automobile” star.

McClurg placed under a custodianship in 2019. Since the alleged incident, the actress’s lawyers have reportedly been requesting an order to remove Ramos from the legal system for good. Cabral was appointed as McClurg’s guardian and asked Ramos from the actress’ home. to get out immediately” as he filed an emergency petition against the California man.

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