Fashion Influencer Shreya Malhotra Talks About The Lessons She Learned From Her Life

The closer we look, the more we see how some individuals have progressed in completely changing their respective fields and view of regions for the better. These developments have led to considerable growth in these sectors, which in turn has created huge opportunities for many budding talents to flourish. Social media is a space that has seen the rise of many such true-blue professionals including fashion influencers like Shreya Malhotra aka Shreya.X. This young girl from London, UK has rocked the social media world, and it has helped her become a more prominent name in the industry at a very young age.

Shreya Malhotra

Shreya Malhotra is one of those rare gems who has stood tall as a social media influencer, thriving in the realms of fashion, lifestyle and travel and has made these marks where she stands today. Made a huge contribution to getting there. At just 20 years old, a South Asian fashion and lifestyle influencer, Shreya Malhotra has made a huge impact on her audience through her powerful content that has transformed her into a high performing professional , who has a passion for content creation and a positive attitude. To give her the best in the same has brought her far in the industry.

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Shreya Malhotra’s number of followers

She says that the lockdown in 2020 changed many things in a positive way for her, even as it gave a new path to her career and a new meaning to life. From 2000 followers, the number of fans and followers reached 100,000 followers, and this may be possible thanks to its consistency in creating valuable content that people can see and enjoy on Instagram.

Travel to different parts of the world from the beginning of 2022

As a Social Media Influencer, she got the opportunity to work with the world’s top brands like Fashion Nova, Sheen, Oh Polly, Pretty Little Thing and many more. Also, for her love of travel, she has traveled to different parts of the world since early 2022, such as Los Angeles, Tulum, Dubai, St Tropez, Amalfi Coast, Monaco, Santorini, Marbella and cruises in the Mediterranean. ,

Several fashion shows for brands like Oh Polly during 2022

Even as a model, she has worked on several shoots including the Payal Malhotra Haute Couture shoot in Dubai, and several high-profile shows including several fashion shows for brands like Oh Polly during London Fashion Week 2022 programs attended. Currently, this incredible social media talent is studying Business Management and Marketing at the top Russell Group University in the UK.

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