Fans Are Sure The Sneaky Partner Swap On Beauty And The Geek

Beauty and the Geek is pretty scandalous when it comes to reality TV broad spectrum. So when the rumors of a couple swapping surfaced ahead of the final week of the show. Then you might surprise us.

While the final three pairs remain the same pair created by host Sophie Monk at the start of the season. A special ‘Beautiful’ which is still running and one ‘Geek’ has been removed. It seems to be connected offscreen.

Revealed walking out of the show

Tegan Burns, who was paired with Anthony Farah. Samuel Mitchell, who was linked with Angelique Nguyen, sparked romance rumors when several sass photos revealed him walking out of the show. Of course, a simple tag on the social media platform doesn’t make sense, but several other clues have convinced fans that at least something is bubbling up behind the scenes.

Filmed with two Beauty and the Geek stars at once

The plot only deepened when the pair were once again seen together in an Instagram story by Louise Child. Who filmed himself with two Beauty and the Geek stars at once. Given that Sam’s selfie with Teigen was taken indoors. Lewis’ IG story was captured in a bar. Looks like the pair is definitely spending a lot of time together.

Whether that means they share a romantic relationship is anyone’s guess. Two people can hang out together without any romantic attachments as it happens.

Tegan also liked a post from Sam’s pre-show

That said, there’s no denying Tegan and Sam are close. As told by Now To Love. Sam liked one of Teigen’s Instagram posts made before the premiere of Beauty and the Geek. suggesting that they struck up a relationship soon after filming ended. In return, Tegan also liked the post from one of Sam’s pre-shows.

The question of Sam’s relationship with Angelique

As far as Sam’s relationship with Angelique is concerned. Neither side has commented on this. Whether or not they stayed together after the cameras rolled. Compare this to another couple on the show, Tara and Michael, who have worked hard to start their romance. Happy to do so, at that – there’s a chance that Sam and Angelique’s silence is our answer.

That said, a lot of stranger things have happened in the world of reality TV. Maybe Sam and Tegan are just enjoying a newly formed friendship – either way, good for them.

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