Famous Japanese Actress Sayaka Kanda Dies After Falling From 22nd Floor

Famous Japanese actress Sayaka Kanda has died. It is being told that he died due to a fall from a height. The police is treating it as a case of suicide, but it has not ruled out the conspiracy either. His fans are saddened by Sayaka’s passing at just 35.

Famous Japanese actress and singer Sayaka Kanda passed away

Japan’s famous actress and singer Sayaka Kanda has died after falling from a height. Sayaka was staying at a hotel in the country’s northern island of Hokkaido. That’s where this accident happened to him. There is a wave of mourning among her fans due to the death of this actress of just 35 years. According to local Kyodo News, Sayaka’s agency has confirmed his death.

Sayaka Kanda found covered in blood

According to reports, Sayaka Kanda was found unconscious outside the hotel, covered in blood. It is being told that his room was on the 22nd floor. She had fallen down from there. He was taken to the hospital but his life could not be saved. The police is currently treating it as a case of suicide. Sayaka’s friends say that she cannot commit suicide.

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This appeal to the media

The agency has issued a statement saying. Actress Sayaka Kanda has become a victim of an accident. The statement said, ‘Sayaka Kanda passed away suddenly on December 18, at 9 pm. We are saddened to give such news to his fans. It is difficult for us too to believe this news, but it is true that Sayaka is no longer with us. We are gathering complete information and want the media to refrain from interviewing his family for the time being.

Matsuda Seiko’s daughter was Kanda

Kanda is best known for the Japanese dub for the character Anna in Disney’s “Frozen”. She was the daughter of famous singer-actor Matsuda Seiko. According to local reports, Kanda, covered in blood, was found unconscious on the outskirts of the hotel. It is being told that her room was on the 22nd floor and she had fallen down from there, due to which she died.

Police admitting suicide

The actress was immediately brought to the hospital after getting information about the incident. But by then he had died. Police have started an investigation by registering a case. By the way, the police is investigating this case as a possible suicide. But he has not denied the conspiracy either. At the same time, Sayaka Kanda’s friends are not ready to believe that she can commit suicide. They say that when everything is going well then why would someone give their life.

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