Family Of Non-Binary Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Claims Abuse

Former Biden Department of Energy official Sam Brinton claims he was beaten by his father, who pointed a gun at his head. and forced him into conversion therapy – but his family insists. This is all a lie. If he had been in an emergency room at any point, there would have been a record and no one else.

Brinton, 35, was named champion earlier

The non-binary nuclear engineer is reportedly from Minneapolis and Nevada airports. Women have known to steal suitcases and their contents worth thousands of dollars. But Brinton, 35, was first championed and then heavily questioned. On harrowing stories from his childhood by the trans community. Brinton previously claimed, “I’m in this constant state of fear.” “My dad has put a gun to my head several times.

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Referred to a conversion therapist in Florida

Brinton also claimed that after coming out at age 11, he was punched at least seven times in a row and sent to the emergency room. and sent to a conversion therapist in Florida, where he was electrocuted and tortured with needles. However, younger sister Rachel Brinton told The Post that her Southern Baptist missionary parents, Stephen and Peggy Jo, never saw her. Never displayed any violence towards Sam or his younger brother Daniel.

Rachel, 34, said

“There’s no validity to those claims,” said Rachel, 34. “First of all, the claims of conversion therapy never happened, nor did my parents abuse my brother or me.” My parents and I always know the truth but we don’t preach to people what is the truth.

Claimed in a 2018 New York Times op-ed

Peggy Jo also said that she and her husband did not send their eldest child to Florida for conversion therapy. As Sam claimed in a 2018 New York Times op-ed. I haven’t signed her up for any conversion therapy. And the only comment I can give on that is because she needs to tell her story,” Peggy Jo told the Post. As for the claim that her husband put Sam in an emergency room seven times, Peggy Jo Said, “We didn’t misuse it.

Perry, Iowa Police Department

The police department in Perry, Iowa, where Sam grew up with his family, said their records go back to 1994. and nothing related to the child, elder abuse, or domestic dispute at the family’s residence, or related to any of the family. They said the only report they had of Sam was related to a 2004 car accident Nevertheless, Brinton gained worldwide recognition as a conversion therapy survivor. And in 2017 helped launch “50 Bills 50 States”, a grassroots campaign aimed at enacting laws against conversion therapy nationwide. Had to do it.

Brinton has not publicly disclosed the name of the facility or the doctor

When asked by NBC in 2017 about his alleged abuse at the hands of a therapist, Brinton said, “They had seven King James Bibles piled on the coffee table.” and added that the office was in a strip mall in Orlando, Fla. To date, Brinton has not publicly disclosed the name of the facility or the physician who allegedly abused him.

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