Family of four Little Angels Came to the House of James Pattinson The Pacer of The IPL Champion Team

A little angel has come to the house of former Australian pacer James Pattinson and his wife Kayla. Kayla gave birth to a baby girl last Friday. This is their second child. The Pattinson family has also given the name of the daughter.

A daughter was born to James Pattinson

A daughter has been born in the house of pacer James Pattinson, who represented the champion Mumbai Indians team in IPL-2020. He already had a daughter. James’ wife Kayla wrote while sharing the pictures on Instagram. ‘Family of four.’

The family named the daughter Elsie Rose

The Tinson family has named the daughter Elsie Rose. James’ wife Kayla gave this information on social media. He also posted a picture of himself with the newborn child on his Instagram account.

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Kayla Pattinson wrote

Kayla Pattinson wrote, ‘Family of four. Elsie Rose Pattinson joins us in the UK on Friday 15th July at 6.19 pm. His weight is 3.55 kg. Leela has found her younger sister.

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