Fame Simran Budhroop Receives Online Rape Threat

Pandya Store fame actress Simran is getting threats of rape online. Disturbed by this, he has lodged an FIR.

Actress Simran Budhroop rubbed with rape threats

Actress Simran Budhroop, who plays Rishita in the TV show Pandya Store, remains a part of the headlines these days. Simran is very upset these days due to social media. He was getting threats of rape online. After which he has lodged an FIR. Simran has filed an FIR against those who were trolling her for her on-screen character. Simran disclosed this in an interview.

In an interview with ETimes, Simran said

Initially, I used to take all the negative comments lightly because my character was doing the kind of things that are disliked. Rishita broke the relationship between Ravi and Dev but things got worse when people started abusing and threatening me on social media. Many things started happening.

FIR lodged

Simran further said that then I went to the police station and lodged an FIR. This is a group of 13-14 year-olds. Their parents give them phones for studies but these children take the wrong advantage of their parents’ trust. They do not know where to stop and what is wrong, so they start doing these things.

Simran has also shared this type of message on Instagram in the past.

According to reports, he had shared the post on Instagram Story which contained threatening messages. Simran had said that I am going to call all these children so that their parents can know about it. Their parents should know what these children do in the name of social media.

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