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Ezekiel Elliott May Have His Last Stand With The Cowboys Due to His Bloated Contract

Ever since the Dallas Cowboys signed Ezekiel Elliott one of the worst running contracts in recent history. It felt as if a clock was ticking when he left. It also set up a little training camp Goonj on Wednesday. In which there is a familiar story from a year ago. Something like this: What can this team expect out of Ezekiel Elliott this season, how long can he wait to live up to his elite salary?

Nothing looks close to the best level of play

Last season’s reply was promising early on. until Elliot suffered a partially torn PCL in week 4. What eventually turned out to be a disappointing drop in the remaining three months of the schedule. Elliott remains on the field with injury. But he didn’t look anything close to his best level of play.

an off-season amplification of two questions

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The result was an off-season amplification of two questions. who were destined to weigh in on Elliot. The moment he signed his six-year, $90 million extension in 2019: How long can Elliot walk behind an elite When does this answer come to the crossroads with your salary?

Thoughts not in spite of questions circling around

For some, that intersection is already here. And the result has been a training camp where it is appropriate to ask this question. whether 2022 is the beginning of the end of his time in Dallas. A point that he is not considering despite the questions circling around him.

“I think it’s a big season, but you can’t look too far down the road,” Elliot said of his future. “I find that if I focus on every day. And I don’t think there’s really any reason to look so far down the road. I think at the end of the season I’ll be in pretty good shape if I manage my business every day.”

Will Zeke face the same fate as other big-money RBs?

Regardless of whether he’s thinking about it or not, the justification for questioning Elliot’s deal won’t go away any time soon. Partly because the Cowboys have another trailing run in Tony Pollard, who has shown the ability to play big in sometimes more limited use. Also because Elliott’s contract was set up for scrutiny from the start, thanks to elite ongoing deals turning into franchise warts.

of a top-shelf blocker in the backfield

Some of the circumstances surrounding Elliott didn’t help at times, such as Dak Prescott’s season-ending injury in 2020 and his subsequent offensive line implant. Elliott also played through a PCL injury last season. During which he could lock himself to a stretch instead of grinding whatever he could while playing the thankless role of a top-shelf blocker in the backfield.

Contract will complicate Dallas decision

Just being available isn’t going to change the reality of expectations this season. That’s when Elliot is entering what appears to be a “bounce-back or so” on the measuring stick. At least, it appears so. It’s worth noting that their economics are not as simple this season as they will be a year from now.

While Elliot’s possible release next season has already gained traction even before he entered this camp. The numbers are not as cut and dry as they seem. Yes, he has a non-guaranteed base salary of $10.9 million in 2023. But he also has $11.86 million in various bonuses, which will accelerate the salary cap in the form of dead money when traded or released next season.

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