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Eye Suicide Machine For Euthanasia

This special capsule prepared by an NGO Exit International. Those people believe that for those who want euthanasia. This technique will prove to be very helpful.

Easy way to commit suicide

Often such cases of suicide of people come to the fore. The knowledgeable is quite surprised. People decide to end their life by adopting various methods. But now in Switzerland if you want euthanasia. A machine prepared for this. Sitting in which people can give their lives.

machine to commit suicide

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’. It has also got legal recognition from the Swiss government. You can kill yourself by sitting in this 3D pretend capsule. The special thing is You can take this anywhere. Whoever wants to commit suicide, After fulfilling certain conditions, permission can be given to carry this Sarco pod.

The board also gave legal recognition to this coffin.

The local Medical Review Board has also given legal recognition to this coffin. Which is also being called a suicide pod. Suicide has been legal in Switzerland since 1942 and in 2020 alone, more than 1300 people have taken such a service for euthanasia. Advocates of euthanasia have also stood in support of this particular technique.

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commit suicide anywhere

This special capsule prepared by an NGO Exit International. Those people believe This technique will prove to be very helpful for those who want euthanasia. Experts who made this pod say that this pod can be taken to any place you want. It can move away from its base. Then using it as a coffin, you can take it anywhere. He is also being given the name of ‘Doctor Death’ for this unique invention.

They claim The person sitting inside can operate the capsule. Giving information about the machine, he said. The user has to sit inside before committing suicide. Then its oxygen level can be reduced. At present, euthanasia is given through a capsule there. Takes the person into a coma.

life will be lost in 30 seconds

The dying person will not feel any kind of pain or problem sitting in this machine. Anyone can die within 30 seconds after sitting inside it. It is expected that after legal recognition, the use of this particular machine can start from next year.

The company has had to spend a lot of money to make this pod and they claim that it will make it easier for those seeking euthanasia. Although some people believe that this machine is an attempt to promote suicide cases and through this the tendency of people to commit suicide will increase which is not right.=

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