EXO-Ls Slams Philo Star Felipe Response To Plagiarism

SB19’s P-pop idol Felipe aka Kane has been accused of copying Le Zhang’s ‘lit’ oriental and mythological concept for ‘Bullan’. He concluded his statement by sharing that many Asian countries would have similarities in their culture, and he would give credit for it. to Le’s ‘Lit’ music video because it was one of the many references actually used. Felipe stated that since he was a fan of Ley, he did not intend to copy or plagiarize.

Single Return hit by Plagiarism Claims

Kane’s solo comeback seems to have been hit by claims of plagiarism. Philo Starr, who is also part of P-pop boy group SB19, debuted as a solo artist in 2021 with his real name Felipe. He made his first single comeback on 29 May with ‘Bulan’. With Bulan being the moon god of Philippine mythology, Felipe went for a fanciful and oriental concept for the music video and song ‘Bulan’. However, some EXO-Ls and XBACKS (Lay’s fandom) feel that there were too many parallels between Felipe’s return and Le Jang’s ‘lit’.

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Music Video of EXO Member and C-pop idol Le aka Zhang

EXO member and C-pop idol Le aka Zhang Yixing is known for incorporating Chinese culture and mythology into his music videos. As seen with his recent releases ‘Litt’ and ‘Flying Apsara’. After seeing Felipe’s ‘Bullan’, fans claimed that the Philo idol had stolen from Le Jang. This sparked an uproar on social media. Well, on May 31, Felipe issued a detailed response addressing the plagiarism claims. But it looks like it has done the opposite to pacify the outrage of fans.

Felipe Explains the ‘Boolan’ Concept

Felipe explained that when creating music, inspiration comes into play, and “it is imperative for any of my songs to have a similarity in style with other artists. Because I often use their musical references when creating such as Post Malone, Le Zhang said that technically ‘bulan’ and ‘lit’ were different, as his song took on indigenous Filipino ritual music, and detailed how his music video was heavily inspired by Philippine culture.

‘Respect Zhang Yixing’

EXO fans are not satisfied with Felipe’s response, claiming that he only gave credit because he was called out. They also brought back the 1-minute long end credits scene of Lay’s ‘Lit’ music video. where he acknowledged everyone involved. One XBACK was blunt, “‘Acknowledging this (Lit MV) as one of the references we used. We didn’t intend to copy ‘Absolutely! Then, take it down now. Zhang Yixing Respect it.”

Another fan Commented

Another fan commented, “We all know how much Yixing loves his craft. Remember when Flying Asperus MV was not being released and they gave us a visualizer. Instead Cause not satisfied with Yixing’s output Then now, you’re all romanticizing plagiarism and giving it credit for you. One said, “Yixing has always been very generous and ready to share. However, I believe credit should be given where it is due, such as crediting Yixing in the MV itself.

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