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Ex-MP Wife Was Running Away From Ukraine To Hungary Arrested With Rs 223 Crore

In the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, if she had given some money to the needy people and children there to buy basic necessities like food, water, medicines, and diapers, then perhaps it would have been a good move.

Ex-MP’s wife, arrested with Rs 223 crore

The situation in Ukraine has gone from bad to worse after the Russian invasion. So far, more than 34 lakh people have moved from here to other countries. Whereas those who are present in Ukraine are facing many problems. They have neither food to eat nor water to drink. People have been forced to yearn for every single bite. However, there are some people who are trying to run away from the country with crores of rupees in this time of crisis. Among them is the wife of Kotvitsky, a former Member of Parliament of Ukraine.

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six suitcases full of cash recovered

Kotvitsky’s wife has been caught by Hungarian authorities with US$28 million and 1.3 million euros in cash. She tried to escape from Ukraine with money in a suitcase, however, before she could enter Hungary, she was caught by Hungarian officials stationed at the border. This information given in the report of the Belarusian media outlet NEXTA. NEXT shared a picture of six suitcases full of cash. Hungarian officials said that the money allocated was in accordance with the law.

MP’s wife being criticized

According to the report, many people on Twitter have criticized the MP’s wife and said that in the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, if she can give some money to the needy people and children there to buy basic necessities like food, water, medicines, and diapers. If I had given it, maybe it would have been a good move. Let us tell you that Ukraine on Monday rejected Russia’s demand, in which Moscow had asked its forces to lay down their arms and leave Mariupol. The proposal came hours after the Russian military bombed an art school. About 400 people had taken shelter in this school.

The question of laying down arms does not arise’ – Ukraine

Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said he would allow the establishment of two evacuation corridors for departure from Mariupol, one going east to Russia and the other west to other parts of Ukraine. The people of Mariupol given time till 5 a.m. on Monday to respond to the proposal. However, Russia has not yet clarified what action it will take after rejecting Ukraine’s offer. Ukraine’s Vice President Irina Vereshchuk has refused to accept the offer. He said, ‘The question of surrendering, laying down arms does not arise. We have already informed the Russian side about this. We have asked them to open the corridors instead of wasting time on writing an eight page letter.

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