Ex-Megadeth David Ellefson Talks About Metallica Real Influence on Metal

“With Metallica, it was always one thing: ‘We do our own thing. We don’t play by the rules.’ And to a large extent, they didn’t.” Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson said that Metallica “broke down the doors” for metal, noting that their thrash colleagues achieved massive commercial success despite not playing quite “by the rules”.

There’s no doubt that the advent of Metallica and Thrash Metal was so monumental that time in heavy music could be measured by the “first “advertisement” after Lars Ulrich & Co. became a worldwide sensation. Of course, Metallica as well as Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax as the “Big Four” of thrash, leading one of the most influential subgenres in metal to this day.

I Ask No One with Kevin Ray Lovulo”

During a recent interview with “I Ask No One with Kevin Ray Lovulo”, David Ellefson recalled the enormous change Metallica brought about, but added that they too stood on the shoulders of giants. Iron Maiden and Def Leppard were named as two arena fillers. Heavy Metal Outfitters (transcription via Blabbermouth):

David Ellefson and former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Ugg

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In late February, David Ellefson and former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Ugg unveiled their first original song as Kings of Thrash, titled “Bridges Burn”. You can see the band’s first live performance of the song in the fan-filmed footage below.

Iron Maiden, before them, superseded

“Ah, it frickin’ broke down doors. Metallica was always the pioneer. They broke down all doors for every obstacle that came heavy metal’s way. To some extent, Iron Maiden, before them, was superseded and Had become an arena act. And did this stuff too, so you have to give credit to Maiden.

Even Def Leppard, to some degree, because they started out as a scrappy little heavy metal band out of Sheffield. Then they [went] essentially almost like a pop act, on some level; I mean, they got so big.

definitely def leppard and maiden

“Those guys – definitely Def Leppard and Maiden – deserve credit for carving out the initial path for heavy metal to blaze its way into the mainstream. Here. We’re coming in.’ They really overcame every obstacle with MTV and their videos got into the daytime rotation and just became a household name.

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