Ewan McGregor And Mary Elizabeth Winstead Are Reportedly Married

The former Fargo costars tied the knot over the weekend, a source tells People, four years after they were first romantically linked. The two share son, Laurie, whom they welcomed in June 2021.

The former Fargo costar tied the knot over the weekend

“It was a small wedding for family and close friends,” says the source. “They had an outdoor ceremony. It was lovely and delightful. The menu was farm-to-table. They are a lovely couple. are very low-key and like their valley life. They often go to the beach and go”

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Husband Riley Stearns split after seven years

McGregor, 51, and Winstead, 37, met in late 2016 on the set of their TV series Fargo. In May 2017, after seven years of marriage, Winstead split from husband Riley Stearns.

filed for divorce from Eve Mavrakis in 2018

Months later, Doctor Sleep star filed for divorce from Eve Mavrakis in January 2018 after 22 years of marriage. Later in November 2019, McGregor asked a judge to declare her and the Mavrakis single before finalizing the divorce. In the summer of 2020, McGregor and 55-year-old Mavrakis settled their divorce.

After breaking up her first marriage with Glamor UK

Winstead spoke to Glamor UK about resuming in 2020 after the end of her first marriage. “I got divorced a few years ago, which was a scary, crazy thing for me because I was with the same person when I was 18, and that’s what I knew,” she said at the time.

The Scott Pilgrim Versus The World actress continued, “I was really starting anew as an adult for the first time in my life. It was a big turning point for me, to be okay with change, to make that change. Accepting that is a good thing and it is not okay to know where that change is taking you.

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