Everything You Wanted To Know About London Pride 2022

Pride in London turns 50 this year – and it’s bigger, prouder and louder than ever. Here we speak to Haven Thorne, head of PR for Pride in London, as the festivities return. See more in our LGBT guide to London

When is London Pride 2022?

On Saturday 2 July London will come together for the 50th anniversary of the first historic protest in the UK in 1972, to champion and remember the veterans who paved the way for the continued progress of the LGBT+ community. After a very prolonged pandemic-induced pause, it is the return of in-person Pride, and we are seeing an incredible amount of demand for this year’s event. In fact, this weekend is turning out to be the pride of the world as the most booked on Airbnb this summer, and we’re expecting 1.5 million LGBT+ travelers to head to the capital. According to Airbnb, pride travel is back to pre-pandemic levels, and new data shows that more than 60 percent of communities look for LGBT+ experiences while away from home. In 2019, when Pride was last celebrated individually, hosting LGBT+ travelers from around the world, hosts in the top 50 Pride destinations collectively raised over £60 million during their respective weekends . This unification of LGBT+ people and the victory of the rights we enjoy today is one of the greatest stories in British history in the last five decades.

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What is London Pride?

Pride in London hosts the largest, one-day free event in the UK, and this year our main focus is on visibility, unity and equality for all LGBT+ people, which we believe to be a fundamental human right – they have always been Have been, and always will be.

A Top Tip for Everyone Participating in Pride

This year we will see a record number of Pride newcomers, as the young LGBT+ people who came out in 2020 + 2021 had no experience of pride. If you’re going to attend your first Pride – and we’re expecting a record first time as Pride returns in person after three years – remember Pride belongs to everyone. Queer or not, you shouldn’t worry that you don’t fit into Pride; Get that thought out of your mind immediately! Pride belongs to everyone, and it’s a chance for you to celebrate not only your gender and sexuality, but always yourself – and you are perfect! With this said, pride attracts people from all walks of life, including sex and gender, so it’s important to keep an open mind and be respectful when meeting new people or seeing new things. Pride is a judgment-free zone, spanning five decades of queer history, and the utmost importance of kindness, acceptance and mutual respect.

Who are the people behind Pride in London?

I volunteer as the Head of PR for London Pride and I couldn’t be prouder of this diverse and mission-driven group of volunteers at Pride in London, as this historic celebration graces the streets of the capital. All of London’s 150 volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this year’s pride back bigger, louder and prouder than ever. After a very long hiatus, we have come together to experience the energy, love and unity that Pride brings to our London LGBT+ community, and we have much more to celebrate this year. It is up to all of us to continue the good fight for the rights of LGBT+ people to be equal to the majority in every way.

What are you looking forward to most about Pride in London?

Power. Pride creates powerful experiences that unite us in activism, protest, celebration and advocacy. Born to our siblings, Stonewall Rebellion, we strive to be a safe haven and beacon of hope for queer, trans and BIPOC individuals around the world. The Pride Parade is about inclusivity and awareness, and Pride in London is much more than just an annual celebration, it elevates our community 365 days a year: every LGBT+ person to proudly love and live their truth. inspires and empowers.

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