Everything To Know About Viral Fashion Trends Inspired By Barbie

Since the trend started and what exactly is included in the wardrobe, here’s everything to know about the barbicore craze. Remember when the “coastal grandma” trend took the fashion world by storm? Well, there’s a new sartorial sensation stirring up the genre scene, and it’s inspired by none other than Barbie.

Minus the Plastic This Trend Coined “Barbicore” Is Brilliant

Minus the plastic, this trend – coined “barbicore” – is fantastic! The pink beauty has become a fashion staple in the past year. But donning it in the hottest hue is the latest craze. Aligning with the much-awaited Barbie film slated to premiere in 2023, Pink has been top of the minds of many.The color is only part of the trend, as the other part is channeling the proper decade, which spans from the 1980s to the 2000s.

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Valentino Pink PP – Creative Director of the Fashion House

But the Greta Gerwig-directed film isn’t the only reason we’re living in a real-life Barbie world. In fact, the craze has been on the rise since the 2022 Valentino Fall runway show debuted in March. Dubbed Valentino Pink PP – after the fashion house’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. The stars have graced everything from the red carpet to the festival stage. Popular pigment. Since the trend started and what exactly is included in the wardrobe, here’s everything to know about the barbicore craze.

Barbie has been in the limelight since hitting the shelves

The Barbie has been in the limelight since hitting shelves in 1959, but the Mattel-designed one. Dolls have entered the entertainment sector throughout the years in more ways than one. For starters, rapper Nicki Minaj has been synonymous with plastic dolls since its inception. His career – even as his fans call him “Barbuzz”. In addition, celebrities ranging from athletes to musicians have awarded their own plastic counterparts.

Valentino Collection and Upcoming Barbie Movie

While the Valentino collection and the upcoming Barbie movie have recently gotten many channels a “Let’s Go Barbie” attitude, Barbicor has been on the rise for the past few years.Hundreds of barbicore Pinterest boards have been created since 2019, and most recently, the term has been the trending hashtag on TikTok (with nearly 15 million views). It has also seen a high search volume on Etsy. In which hot pink fashion-related items are up 35% in the past three months compared to last year, according to Good Morning America.

Contains the essence of Barbicor

There is just one color that encapsulates the essence of Barbicor and that is it. You guessed it – pink! (Note: The warmer the color, the better. A much-welcomed mood-booster since the past few years, ‘Barbicore’ is all about embracing vibrant colors. Doll’s signature hot pink in particular – everyday of life,” Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson said in a statement to Good Morning America. She added, “And with many nostalgic for simpler, sunnier and more carefree times, it only makes sense. The ’80s-inspired, unapologetically pink aesthetic is taking center stage in the form of ‘it’ summer style.

From ultra-high pumps to jelly block heels

Silhouettes range from a latex mini dress to a dainty fit-and-flare. While the description covers everything from wings to a Barbie staple: sparkles. From ultra-high pumps to jelly block heels, shoes vary just like the endless options for toys. Plus, holographic and fluorescent accessories and plastic hair clips make great additions.

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