Everything I Know About Love Bel Powley On Navigating Your 20s And The Power Of Female Friendship

After years of taking Hollywood by storm, Bell Powley is coming back to its roots.

MILF Powley tries to return

While on vacation from filming an unknown indie film in Vancouver to catch up with glamor, Powley is striving to go back to where it all began. “I started my career with independent films,” she says. “So it’s always fun to return to them.

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About Love adapted for TV

A shoot on the other side of the Atlantic offers some respite from the crazy buzz surrounding the actor’s latest project. Journalist and author Dolly Alderton’s memoir Everything I Know About Love has been adapted for TV, starring Pawley as Birdie with The Witcher’s Emma Appleton as Maggie, a fictionalized version of Alderton. .

Reflects on wild romance and existential questions

Everything I Know About Love reflects the ups and downs of your 20s, and the wild romance and existential questions that punctuate these moments. Both the memoir and the TV show keep the importance of friendship at heart—a detail that hasn’t escaped Powley.

Really about female friendship

“There’s something really, really special about female friendships, and it’s something that no other part of our lives have,” she explains. “The relationship I have with my best friend is so different and unique to the relationship I have with my fiancé, or my parents, or my siblings.” You really can’t put your finger on that, But there is something special about it. And that uniqueness is what Dolly captures so well.

A houseshare in north-west London

Powley knew that as soon as she had read the book years earlier, she had to play Birdie, due to her similar “people-pleaser” qualities, family history, and the fact that hers was a ride-or-die best. She lived for the majority of her 20s in a houseshare in northwest London, with her ‘maggie’, Lola, and had the same chaotic, joy-filled time she appeared on TV shows. “Lovers have come and gone,” she describes, “the flat broke down. We had so many parties, and so many neighbors complained!”

Dancing continues in Manchester in the first week of filming

Powley and Appleton join Marley Siu and Aliyah O’Dofin—who play Birdie and Maggie’s housewives Nell and Amara—in choreography training for some seriously nostalgic dance routines to some naughty classics.

Everything I know about love is a rollercoaster of nostalgia at its heart. It dials into the world of 2012, what we now call an “indie sled,” waist belt, American Apparel disco pants, and Kate Moss for Topshop dresses. Powley called the experience of fashion and music a “trigger” to return to these moments, because she was actually going back in time.

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