Everything Everyone At Once Best Costume Designer Shirley Kurta Has Deep Fashion Roots

Shirley Kurta, who was nominated for an Oscar on Sunday for best costume design on “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” was also behind one of the most memorable fashion runway shows of the women’s Fall 2023 season: Rodarte’s gothic fairytale.

Style the California Label’s Show

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She’s styled the California label’s show since the fall of 2006 and has never missed a season, even when she was filming and had to pull out of the Fall 2020 show and take a break to get back on set. Had to board a plane.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert work on the film

Working on Rodarte’s runway show—which draws inspiration from everything from Japanese slasher films to vampires to the gritty Santa Cruz, California, boardwalk It was not unlike working on Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s film, a tender family story wrapped in a Boker’s multiverse adventure.

An LA-style fixture with an image

The kurta is an L.A.-style fixture with a bespectacled image that makes her recognizable as another famous film costume designer. “I’ve always loved Edith Head,” she says. She has worked on videos with Linda Lindas, a world tour with Billie Eilish, styled Jenny Lewis and Tierra Whack, and campaigns for the brands Miu Miu, Melissa, and Vans.

Former motorcycle shop turned clubhouse

Not to mention lots of commercial work for Westfield, Target, and others. And he’s a retailer. Co-Owns Virgil Normal in East Hollywood. A former motorcycle shop turned clubhouse that stocks emerging labels.

kurata flew that night

“The day before the show, we realized we didn’t know how to organize or coordinate to get everyone ready,” says Laura Mulleavy. explaining that Kurata had taken off that night. “He’s been one of our best friends ever since.”

People Dress Up for Lovin’

He was brought onto the project by one of its producers, Jonathan Wang, with whom he had previously worked on commercials. “I’m so grateful they took a chance on me,” Kurta says, explaining that Daniels gave her a cool-looking Pinterest page. But giving them the freedom to have fun. “They said people would like to dress up for Halloween,” says Kurata. “And this past Halloween, I was so relieved!

budget for a marvel costume

“The budget for the whole movie was probably budget for a Marvel costume, so it was very tight,” she says. Given that he drew inspiration for Jobu Tupaki/Joey Wang’s multiverse-jumping persona, everything from Comme des Garcons to Jeremy Scott’s Teddy. Bear-covered streetwear.

Kurata is from a Japanese American family. But grew up in Monterey Park, California, where her parents owned a laundromat. Like the Chinese American immigrant family in the film.

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