Everyone Hates Halle Berry Two-Word After Discovery Of Catwoman

Halle Berry has entertained fans with hilarious response to two-word online critics. It is claimed that ‘everyone hated’ her heavy criticism of the 2004 film Catwoman. Halle Berry has responded to a critic, claiming that ‘everybody hated Catwoman’.

A hilarious response of two words to the user

She has now delighted fans with a hilarious response of two words, for a social media user, which said. That they were “shocked” to learn that “everybody hated the movie”. Sharing a clip from the film, a Twitter user wrote: “When I first saw this when I was a kid. I really thought it was the best movie in the world.

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The most hilarious ways the 56-year-old actress took on the cruel remark

He continued: “So imagine my shock when I grew up and found out that everyone hates it??? Now, the 56-year-old actress has hit back at the cruel remark in the most hilarious way. Laughing Faces Enclosing an emoji, Halle replied: “Imagine me”. Early last year, Berry opened up about the “disappointing” film and its lack of success among audiences, saying she had ‘Beared the weight’ of failure.

Worked really hard to be catwoman

“I wasn’t disappointed, but it looked like people were,” she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She continued: “I worked really hard to be Catwoman. I learned the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. I worked. The frustrating part was this: I didn’t direct it, I didn’t create it, nor did I write it. Broad The fiercely criticized 2004 film is often compared to one of the worst blockbusters of all time. And now Halle has once again weighed in on the hate, the popular DC Comics character.

2004 superhero spin-off Catwoman

I was just an actress in it. But for so many years I have carried the weight of that film. And whatever the success or not, it seems it was all my fault. But it really wasn’t mine. Mistake. But I’m taking it.” The 2004 superhero spin-off Catwoman is based solely on the character from comic books. And it has nothing to do with the Batman film franchise.

Starred Berry as cosmetics designer Patience

Considered one of the worst movies ever made, it starred Berry as the cosmetics designer Patience. Killed by his evil owners but soon revived by a mysterious Egyptian mau cat. Which gives him supernatural cat-like powers. Speaking of her time on set, she said before: “You’re in that kind of suit, and you’re doing backflips and cartwheels.

Costume designer Angus Strathy explained earlier

Costume designer Angus Strathy previously explained: “We wanted a very reality-based wardrobe that would progress from restrained, repressed patience to the sensual awakening of a sexy warrior goddess.” Berry, however, has previously admitted that it was not the easiest thing to do. Wear for action scenes. “I can’t tell you how many times my pants were ripped open. I had so many Janet Jackson moments.

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