Everyone Afraid To Smile In Paramount Chilling New Horror Film

Paramount’s troubling new horror film, “Smile,” will make you cringe at something else. In the new trailer for the haunting film, written and directed by Parker Finn of “The Hidebeind”, a doctor named Rose Couture (Sosie Bacon) has an unwanted surprise when her patient, concerned that something is out to get her. , becomes the victim of an unexplained new curse that forces him to smile before its untimely end. As the mysterious disease begins to spread, Dr. Couture learns that she must “face her troubled past” if she plans to survive this dreadful new disease.

All the horror movies in “Smile”

Like a cross between “It Follows” and “The Ring,” “Smile” includes all horror movie elements: a seemingly harmless yet mysterious curse, a deadly countdown, and even A Nightmare Jump even scares off at the end of the official trailer. To promote the film, Paramount partnered with TikTok to release the “Smile” effect, which gives users the same creepy grin of all the cast — try it at your own risk. “You’ll never trust a smile again,” reads the film’s tagline, making us wonder if that tight-lipped smile with strangers on the sidewalk will ever truly be the same. Learn more about “Smiles” ahead, including the cast and premiere date.

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13 Reason Why” Sosie Bacon As Rose Couture

“Smile” Mare of Easttown” and “13 Reasons Why” will star Sosie Bacon as Rose Couture, a doctor who “begins to experience horrific events she can’t explain.” Bacon co-stars in “The Boys” star Jesse T. Usher as Trevor, “Scream” (2022) star Kyle Gallner as Joel, “Harold and Kumar Go to the White Castle” star Kal Penn, and “Don’t Look Up” Robb. Morgan.

Caitlin Stacy, and Gillian Zinser in the additional cast

Scrubs” star Judy Reyes, creature actor Kevin Kepee, Scott Taylor as a prison guard, Nick Arapoglu as Greg, Dora Kiss as Mom Couture, Jared Johnson as Orderly Dan, Setty Brosevelt as Driver, Officer Shevy Gutierrez as Wilkes, Ura Jonah Sanchez as Nurse Wanda, Jerry Lowbrow as a cocktail party guest, and Brandon Brigman as a security guard.

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