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Every Week This Lady Of Pakistan Becomes A bride You Will Be Surprised To Know The Reason

A hobby is a big thing. Many people do some strange things in the pursuit of hobbies. But have you ever heard In the affair of hobbies, a woman should become a bride every week? Today we are going to tell you about a woman with such a strange hobby, who lives in Pakistan.

Every Friday dress up like a bride

You will be surprised to know This woman, who lives in the Punjab province of Pakistan, becomes a bride every Friday by doing sixteen makeup. The most surprising thing is that the woman has been doing this for the last 16 years. When people came to know about the strange hobby of this woman, they were stunned to hear this.

Heera lives in Punjab province of Pakistan

The name of this woman is Hira Zeeshan. Heera lives in the Punjab province of Lahore, Pakistan. His age is 42 years. Every week on Friday, she gets dressed as a bride by doing sixteen adornments. Heera wears a bridal dress. They apply mehndi on their hands and feet and also wear wedding ornaments. After this, she stays in the wedding couple throughout the day.

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Heera Zeeshan reveals herself Why does she do this? He told that his mother had become very ill 16 years ago. After that, he had to be admitted to the hospital. When the mother’s health deteriorated, the mother expressed her desire in the hospital itself that she wants to get her daughter married before she dies. The man who gave blood to his mother. Heera’s marriage was talked about to fulfill her mother’s last wish. For the happiness of the mother, Heera Zeeshan agreed.

The reason behind is surprising

Couldn’t get ready on wedding day

Heera says that after marriage in the hospital, her farewell took place in a rickshaw. The day they got married On that day she neither did any makeup nor was she ready. It was a disappointment for him not to be ready in the bride’s couple on the most important day of his life.

That’s why brides are made on Friday

Heera Zeeshan told that her mother died in the hospital a few days after her marriage. He was very sad after the shadow of his mother got up from his head. At the time of marriage, Heera Zeeshan had six children. Out of which two children died as soon as they were born. Due to this, she went into depression. To come out of this depression, Heera decided to dress up like a bride every Friday.

husband lives in london

Heera told that in the hospital with whom she was married. He currently resides in London. While she lives in Pakistan with children. Even when her husband is away, when she becomes a bride every Friday, she gets a lot of happiness. This also cuts their loneliness. That’s why she has been doing this for 16 years.

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