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Even Super Serena Williams Experiences Mom Guilt

Serena Williams opened up about the challenges of balancing motherhood and her professional career in an interview with Insider Wednesday — and parents everywhere agreed. After pumping up a multi-organization photoshoot with few complaints, the Goat tennis player turned into a sweat and was straight down: Being a mom is hard as hell, even if you have tons of resources.

Star player Serena Williams is going to return to the court in June this year.

Star player Serena Williams, known as the mom of tennis, is going to return to the court from Wimbledon to be held in June this year. The 40-year-old American female player also put an end to the rumors that she was retiring from tennis. That she is retiring from tennis. After the news of her split with longtime cot Patrick Moratoglu, it was confirmed that she would not return.

Serena attends the wedding with older sister Venus Williams

Additionally, Serena has been appearing at various award ceremonies to represent her film, King Richard. Recently, she was present at the Oscars where Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor, where the film received a huge honor. Plus, Serena attended the star-studded wedding of Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, along with her older sister Venus Williams. While attending to her professional commitments, Serena revealed how she manages her personal life.

The 40-year-old athlete has been dominating the tennis court for more than two decades. She is building a reputation for herself as a fearless, empowered woman whom we all admire. Her honesty makes her all the more endearing in this new season of life.

Williams is mastering more than just motherhood, though, as she’s just launching her own investment firm, Serena Ventures.

While Serena is no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavors as a multiple business owner, she is now using her expertise to support other entrepreneurs. The company was create when Williams noticed that people of color only make up about 1% of all venture capital funding.

He shared, “Whether it’s people saying I shouldn’t do it. Or it’s tennis when people say I’ll never be good at it, I think there’s a part of me that’s always trying to prove people wrong. will enjoy.”

Serena Williams on her work-life balance

Recently, during an interview, the former world No. 1 opened up about his personal and professional life. She said, “I’m really bad at self-care. I was just telling my chief of staff that I needed to get a pedicure because it’s been two years since I’ve been sitting in a chair. Maybe I’m like that.” When I am multitasking and taking calls.

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