Even After Coming To Bollywood Sunny Leone Past Did Not Leave The Chase Sunny Leone Caught In Controversies Over New Songs

Sunny Leone has now made her place in Bollywood, but there was a time when the wives of big stars did not even allow her to work with her. He himself said this in an interview.

Sunny Leone Told in The interview

Sunny Leone is one of the popular actresses of Bollywood, in recent times, she has made a different place for her hard work, acting, and dance. Today there is no dearth of fans of Sunny. Millions of fans appear restless for a glimpse of him. Wherever she goes, crowds gather to see her. But this journey was not that easy for Sunny Leone Biography. His past never left him, he had to face a lot of difficulties even after coming to Bollywood. In an interview, Sunny had told that the wives of big stars did not even allow her to work with him.

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Sunny Leone Said That my Image Has Been Bold Because of my Decisions in The Past

This interview of Sunny Leone Photos is from that time. When his film ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ (Sunny Leone Film Ek Paheli Leela) was released. During this, when he was questioned. What kind of humiliation she had to bear because of her past, the actress said, “More than humiliation, that period was full of frustration for me. People used to understand X..Y..G.. because of my past. I believe that my decisions in the past have made my image bold. I have been an adult star but that doesn’t define me. When people meet me, they come to know that it was my profession. It was fiction. I am not that in life.”

Sunny Leone Was Earlier an Adult Star

The director of the movie Yuvan had said in an interview that he was looking for such a person. He could look supercilious as well as cool and that’s when he realized that Sunny Leone would be perfect for the role. Born on 13 May 1981, Sunny Leone was earlier an adult star. His luck changed after coming to Bigg Boss. Everyone had become a fan of the show Sunny’s beautiful and her style. Sunny Leone got a Bollywood film during the show itself. Every year Sunny Leone registers her name in the list of most searched celebrities in the country. Fans on Instagram are happy to see their pictures and videos.

Radhika Dances in Sunny Leone New song Madhuban

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s song ‘Baby Doll Main Sone Di’ is still played fiercely in wedding parties. It was from this song that Sunny Leone came to the limelight the most. Now recently Sunny’s new song ‘Madhuban’ has been launched. Sunny has also promoted this song fiercely, but now this song seems to be caught in controversies. After watching the music video of Madhuban song, people are trolling Sunny Leone on social media. With this, objecting to the users, they are demanding to ban this song from YouTube.

Because of This, Users are Demanding To Ban Madhuban

After watching Sunny Leone’s song ‘Madhuban’, there has been an allegation of hurting religious sentiments and users are now demanding to remove this song from YouTube. Regarding the song ‘Madhuban’, users say that the sentiments of Hindus have been hurt by this song. . People have accused this of hurting Hindu sentiments. At the same time, there is also a demand to ban it on social media.

Furious Users are Constantly Commenting

As soon as Sunny Leone’s song was shadowed on social media, the audience started getting angry. Commenting on social media, a user wrote – ‘The feelings of Hindus are getting hurt because of your useless dance.’ Another user wrote- ‘These are very useless people who are dancing like this with Radhika’s name.’ Another user wrote- ‘Shame you guys a little. Be a Hindu and make useless songs like this in the name of gods and goddesses. Another user commented- ‘Please do not include Radha Maa in all this. He is God. What happened, please change its words.

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