Erin Napier Shares Update On 1-Year-Old Daughter Mae

Erin Napier is giving fans a quick update on her baby girl. On Sunday, the 36-year-old HGTV star posted a picture on Instagram of her 12-month-old daughter Mai. In which what her little girl is doing these days. A brief description of this is given.

Shares 4-year-old daughters May and Helen with Napier

Erin shares 4-year-old daughters May and Helen with her husband Ben Napier. included an adorable photo of Mai playing with a colorful xylophone while sitting in a play tent.

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she likes to dance

“Mai turned a year old a few weeks ago,” begins Erin. “She says grandpa, mama, Yaya, mmmm (for milk!), hen (Helen!), hey. Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon, her favorite food is bananas. She sighs when she hugs my neck. She loves to dance. And if she lets go of one finger of mine she can walk on her own. She believes it keeps her 3 feet in her size.”

Wrapped arms shared a cute selfie

“She’s my daredevil. Fearless, climbing and falling, but always ready to get back up and try again,” says the mother of two. “So grateful for the life of this fairy girl.” In April, the Home Town star shared an adorable selfie on Instagram of Mae wrapping her arms around her mother as Erin photographs in her closet mirror.

trying to touch the baby in the mirror

Erin captioned the picture, “If I wander off after putting her on the floor to crawl, I can always find her in the closet. Trying to touch that baby in the mirror.” Last December, the couple spoke to People about life with their two daughters. Sharing that they are finding their “rhythm” as a family of four.

joke in a cover story

“It feels like every day is a dance. And it has to be carefully choreographed so that we can get to the end and everyone can feel good about it,” Erin joked in People’s cover story. “The wheels fall off around 5 p.m.”

Ben’s day begins at 4:30 each morning and, he said, “I planned every minute and scheduled until 8:30 or 9, whenever we found Helen in bed.”

it’s a challenge

“We’re just trying to find our own rhythm,” Erin explained. “We had a rhythm as a family of three. And now we are a family of four. Mae needs things when she needs them. And the same happens to Helen. This is a challenge. But I think we’re figuring it out.”

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