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Emanuel Reynoso Goals Paid Off as Minnesota United Secured Much needed Victory

A day after its coach vowed to do better than his team, Minnesota United scored three goals in the first half to beat the LA Galaxy 3-2 at Dignity Health Sports Park on Wednesday night.

Loons star midfielder Emanuele Reynoso scored two goals in one night for the first time since a 3-0 win over the Chicago Fire on April 23. He scored three goals in a game – and did it alone in the first half.

After Kevin Cabral walked away with a red card

He did so in the final 65-plus minutes after the Galaxy’s Kevin Cabral was gone with a red card. Due to this, his coach Gregg Vaney was furious.

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He did so after two starts – midfielder Kervin Arriaga and striker Luis Amarilla – injured the game before halftime. The Lunes held on in the second half, four days after being allowed to score two goals too late in a 2–1 loss in Miami.

Captain Will Trapp won only four points in his last eight matches

Loons captain Will Trapp called the three points they won after only four points in their last eight matches “important for our group”. “We just need to find a way to win a game,” Trapp said. “It’s ugly even if it’s a little chaotic. It was important to see it above the line.”

Named player and highest-paid club

Loons did the same on the day he transferred named player and the club’s highest-paid player, Adrian Huno, to the French First Division, and Loon’s chief football officer Manny Lagos offered play-by-play announcer Callum Williams medical treatment. The problems caused late scratches.

Goalkeeper Dene tries to jump on St. Clair

Lunes was a goal and a man after Cabral attempted to leap onto goalkeeper Dene St Clair after St Clair had chased the ball and Cabral hit St Clair in the head with his leg as he jumped over him.

No matter the amount of contact, on the head

St. Clair said, “They approached my head and one of the points of emphasis, the league takes it very seriously is why I think it was painted red.” “No matter the amount of contact, any foot to head, I think the league is going to paint the red for him.”

Heath’s team arrived at the Western Conference on Wednesday 5-8-3 and 12th. A day earlier, Heath said of his team, “There’s not much wrong with that. It’s not a bad team. It’s a team that anyone can compete with.”

The Loons finished sixth on Wednesday after a draw

The Loons defeated the sixth-placed Galaxy on Wednesday after both teams drew to the Allianz Field in May. This time he scored four points in his last eight matches to earn three points.

“We know we are a good team,” St. Clair said. “The results didn’t go our way. We just need to delve a little deeper. Because we are in a position to win these games and we have let some go.”

strike that back post in the ninth minute

The Loons took a 3-0 lead on three grand goals. Which started with the curling of Renoso. Left-footed strike from 24 yards that went right inside the back post in the ninth minute. After Cabral drew that red card, Franco Fragapan scored his first goal of the season with a strike with his left foot, a surgeon the 6-yard box from a crossing pass from left-behind Kemar Lawrence in the 36th minute. One-touch shot. ,

Reynoso earned a brace and took a 3-0 lead after scoring another goal inside the 6-yard box in the 43rd minute following a selfless pass from teammate Bongokuhle Hollongwein.

“Raise my hand, that’s a bad punishment to give,” Trapp said. “It really set a bad tone for our guys in the second half. But eventually, three points we’ll take them and move on.” Dejan Joweljic’s 93rd-minute goal in stoppage time brought Galaxy within 3-2, but no one came close.

made a lot of bad decisions

“Every mistake we make, we think it’s going to cost us,” Heath said, “and we made a lot of bad decisions in the second half.” Our pass option – when to play short. When to play long – was probably as bad as it could be.”

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