Elvis Review Exactly What You d Expect From A Baz Luhrmann Movie About Elvis

Baz Luhrmann is one director you can be sure will use the medium of cinema to show you something you’ve never seen before. From people taking ballroom dancing too seriously in Strictly Ballroom to a Shakespearean-language mashup in a modern setting for Romeo + Juliet, Luhrmann always finds a stylish way to tell a story. So when they decided to make a movie about Elvis Presley, you knew we were in for a show.

This is his version of a superhero movie

What kind of show will we get?’ And while Elvis is full of music, it’s not music like Moulin Rouge. It is a biopic in that it tells the story of the lives of characters who actually existed, but it reads only on a superficial level of those characters. What makes Elvis most interesting is what Baz Luhrmann has actually created here. This is his version of a superhero movie. And every great superhero needs a supervillain too. Elvis has too.

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Elvis’ Superhero Connection Not Just Subtext But Actual Text

At the beginning of one of the film’s many flashbacks, which are technically the inside of another flashback, as the entire film is told to us by the slowly dying Colonel Tom Parker, we learn that Elvis loved reading comic books. , and saw himself. Captain Marvel Jr. wants to play the protagonist of the Elvis story, and here he is if a tragic one.

style on Elvis’s substance

The movie is called Elvis but to be clear Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) is only half the story. The film is as much about Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), who “discovers” young Elvis and forces himself to be his manager.

The cinematography mostly cool after that

Elvis has all the flash and glamor you’d expect from a Moulin Rouge director or, more recently, The Great Gatsby. The first few minutes of the film can leave some viewers motionless due to the way the camera rapidly turns and zooms. The cinematography mostly calms down after that, but everything is always bright and colorful, making you feel like you’re in another world… even if it’s supposed to be a story set in our reality.

Music as Elvis first went on stage

Like Gatsby, the music is a major player in the story, almost a character in its own right. The music is usually Elvis or Austin Butler as Elvis, but when the film decides it needs a slightly more modern take on the soundtrack, we’ll get to it during the peak emotional moments. And when the soundtrack needs a superhero anthem, so does the score. The music played as Elvis first plays on stage in what would become the singer’s return television special, as well as the theme of the Avengers. Elvis’ black leather is his super suit. Basically, he is Captain America.

Tom Hanks is an amazing villain.

Baz Luhrmann’s style and flash are as impressive as ever, but it’s only going to take one movie so far. At the end of the day, both the leads need to push this film and they are both very ready for the task. Tom Hanks is brilliant in his performance. What’s most surprising is how good he is at being bad. Colonel Tom Parker believes he is the protagonist of this story, not Elvis, and in Hanks, you truly believe that, if nothing else, he believes it.

Austin Butler may be the greatest Elvis on-screen since Elvis.

However, while the two leads shine, the fact that they share the screen so well comes at a price. To continue with the superhero movie analogy, there’s a reason most comic book movies have forgettable villains. The story needs to focus on the protagonist to give them a satisfying arc. By dividing his time evenly between hero and villain, Elvis gives us two compelling characters, but hasn’t been able to make the characters’ journeys entirely satisfying.

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