Edinburgh Fringe Q&A Image On Taking your Impressions To The Next Level With New Technology

With impressions from Greta Thunberg to Lorraine Kelly, Spitting Image’s Jess Robinson can turn her hand — or her voice — into pretty much anyone and anything.

How are you feeling ahead of the fringe?

I’m really feeling really excited and raring to go. My cousins ​​are from Edinburgh, so I get to be with them during that fringe which I love. And my brother is from Glasgow, so whenever I perform at the festival I get along with my whole Scottish family (from my dad’s side).

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my father died during the pandemic

This is especially lovely because I haven’t seen many of them since my dad died during the pandemic. So when I see them I feel a great connection to them. Oh… I get a little emotional just thinking about it. He will be really pleased that I am doing this.

A British Podcast Award

I guess in a way – the lockdown and my father’s death prompted me to throw myself into new projects. I started my podcast Stars in You Years as a direct result of having him. I needed something to focus on. It took courage to do something different and the result was a British Podcast Award for Best Entertainment Podcast in 2021. It taught me to be brave and push myself in new directions.

Legacy an unprecedented multimedia musical

My show Legacy focuses (in a very mild and silly way) on the consequences of our actions and what we leave behind, both as individuals and as a community. I wanted to find a really fresh, fun and unusual way to present my impressions, I wanted to write original songs and I wanted to tell a story. Legacy is a phenomenal multimedia musical. I’ve certainly never seen anything like this on the fringe before. I think it will make people laugh and blow their mind a little too!

Singing and Cabaret Style Show with the Band

If you’ve been coming to my show and you’ve seen me sing with my band in the past and do more in cabaret style shows, expect to be very surprised by how different this show feels. It’s still full of my personality, but this time within a female narrative.

A wonderful impression of Olivia Colman

There’s some amazing ‘deepfake’ technology in this show. (Deepfake is where a person in an existing video is replaced by someone else’s likeness). So in this case, I’m doing an amazing impression of Olivia Colman — and we’ve replaced our face with hers. What many viewers don’t realize is that it’s really me and believe me I’ve managed to get the real Olivia Colman on board!

From Garland to Wonder Woman to Kim Kardashian

I also use technology to alter the voices of celebrities – and make them whatever I want, and custom made video filters so that I can watch anyone from Judy Garland to Wonder Woman to Kim Kardashian stand before your eyes. I too will include an array of jaw-dropping singing impressions! I honestly think this is the best show ever and I am very excited to share it with the Edinburgh audience.

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