EastEnders Danielle Harold Low-Cut Swimwear

The Lola Pierce actress posed for a picture in a sexy swimsuit after opening up about the story of her Albert Square character’s brain tumour. Which they hope will help raise awareness of the condition.

EastEnders star Danielle Harold

Fans have praised EastEnders star Danielle Harold after she showed off her stunning cleavage in sexy swimwear. The 30-year-old actress is best known for playing Walford’s Lola Pierce since 2011. But posing for an Instagram snap with a black swimsuit has gained followers in a flap.

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A fan wrote

One fan wrote: “Look at you,” as others posted comments including: “You are so beautiful,” and: “Such a goddess.” Talking to people suffering from brain tumor as well as their families. who have lost their loved ones? And it could spur more research and funding to find a cure.

Soap Boss Brain Tumor Research

Soap bosses are working with Brain Tumor Research and Macmillan Cancer Support to make sure they get the storyline right. And because of the issues surrounding it, and because of all the people who are going through this right now. It’s really captured my heart,” adding: “I just want to do the best I can. Whatever I can do for the people going through this and their families.

The actress said that she likes this kind of story

The actress said that she was aware of her responsibility to cover such a story. Given that the victims and their families have to go through their diagnosis and then the surgery. Danielle “It’s pretty terrifying but a real blessing at the same time, because it makes you appreciate life.” The 30-year-old is hoping the story will help raise awareness of the condition.

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