During The Shooting The Model Shot In Her Own Private part

The model got injured due to a bullet in her private part. She was recording a video with a gun in her hand.

Model shot her private part with her deception

A very surprising case has come to light from Georgia, USA. Here a model has shot her private part with her deception. When the model was shooting a video with a gun in her hand, this accident happened to her.

The model did not know that the gun was shot

According to a report published in Daily Star. After receiving the news of the accident, the police reached the spot and found that the model was injured. The model herself admitted that it happened by mistake, she did not know that there was a bullet in the gun.

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This thing came out in the investigation

Please inform that the police have recovered the gun. The police officer said that the woman accidentally shot herself and got injured. Initial investigation revealed that he did not do this intentionally. The bullet that the woman fired at herself was 9 mm. However, the bullet did not enter the body of the model. The bullet left after touching the model.

What happened on the day of the incident?

The model’s friend has a gun license in his name. I was in the kitchen. Then I heard the sound of firing from the bedroom side. Then I immediately ran towards the bedroom and when I reached the bedroom I saw that the model was injured. After that, I called the ambulance. She was telling me that this happened to me by mistake.

However, it is not yet clear whether she was recording the video when the model was shot or whether she was live on the social media platform.

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